Erase this PRIME CAUSE of dementia…starting TODAY

Ever wonder why the mainstream has been so utterly and completely powerless when it comes to dementia?

It’s not just that they don’t have a cure or even a semi-decent treatment…

It’s that they don’t even know WHERE to LOOK!

Just about every major mainstream theory about dementia has been proven WRONG. That’s why the toxic meds from Big Pharma’s mad scientists always fail.

How can you make a cure if you don’t even know the cause?

But new research reveals what could be the MAIN CAUSE of dementia in MILLIONS of patients.

If you DON’T have the disease, this SINGLE FACTOR could trigger it in the near future.

It can raise your risk by more than SIX TIMES!

And if you’re already at risk for dementia… if your own doctor has warned that this disease is looming… if you’re in the early stages of decline… “fixing” this same factor may even REVERSE it!

Ready for the most exciting part of this breakthrough?

It’s something that’s COMPLETELY within your control!

This incredible new study unlocks what may be the prime cause of dementia in more than one in four cases.

The key is in inflammation, and not just any form of inflammation…

The new study honed in on C-reactive protein, aka CRP, a single powerful marker of chronic inflammation linked to everything from heart disease to joint pain.

CRP can increase your risk of the disease by more than 600 percent if you’re among the 30 percent of American adults carrying the APOE4 gene that puts you at risk for dementia.

But like I said earlier, you can fix this.

You can slash those CRP levels quickly, effectively and without medicationREVERSING the damage, CUTTING the risk and SAVING your brain.

There are several excellent natural therapies that cut inflammation in general, and most of them – including both curcumin and fish oil – are not proven to be highly effective for protection from dementia, let alone for brain health in general.

But there IS one inflammation-fighter that’s especially devastating against CRP.

Indian gooseberry, also known as “amla,” is already used by experts “in the know” to protect the arteries from the damage of triglycerides and boost levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

And it’s even more powerful when it comes to CRP inflammation at the heart of the latest research...

In one study, amla cut CRP levels by a stunning 35 percent… and it did it within just six months.

You’ll find amla available both on its own, and also in any decent artery protection blend.