What your blood pressure reading is REALLY telling you

To most doctors, blood pressure is something to measure and medicate.

They never pause to wonder what it MEANS. They just look at the number – and when it hits a certain level, it’s time for meds (or more meds if you’re already being treated).

I’m NOT “most doctors,” and I pride myself on that.

I know there’s more to blood pressure than just a number on a chart – and the latest research backs me in a big way.

It reveals that your high blood pressure could be a sign of something ELSE...

Something far more dangerous.

And it’s a condition that can’t possibly be treated with blood pressure meds.

In fact, by giving patients drugs… and assuming the problem is being “fixed” by the meds… is actually making it WORSE and could lead to BIGGER problems later.

The new study finds that so-called “treatment-resistant” high blood pressure can be a sign of excess lead in your body, specifically in the shinbone (one of the places this metal loves to hide).

Every 15-microgram increase in the lead content in your shinbone bumps up the risk of “treatment-resistant” high blood pressure by nearly 20 percent, according to the study.

“Treatment-resistant” is what they call it when your BP remains high even after they add meds and increases the doses.

But it’s not really treatment “resistant.”

That phrase is a cop-out… a sorry excuse some docs use when they can’t figure out what’s going on.

What it really means is that they’re giving you the WRONG treatment!

And that can lead to more than just high blood pressure...

Over time, that excess lead doesn’t just stay in your shinbone. It seeps out, leaking into your blood in very tiny amounts.

In other words, you’re slowly being poisoned!

That opens the door to other serious risks over the long haul, including everything from cancer to neurodegenerative diseases. And while this study focuses on lead, that’s not the only metal you need to watch out for.

Many of my patients are absolutely SHOCKED by the results of their metals tests, which can reveal lead… mercury… aluminum… cadmium… and more.

But you can chase them out, stop the poisoning and save your life.

The best approach will depend on the extent of your exposure, but in many cases natural detoxifiers such as chlorella can bind to the metals and carry them out of your body.

In others, however, you may need to call in the big guns and start chelation therapy, which can remove metals from the body and break up the deposits in your arteries often caused by that exposure.

Speak to a holistic medical doctor for help.