The DEADLY heart risk you’ll NEVER see coming (And how to FIGHT BACK!)

It’s the SECRET… and serious… health problem that’s quietly KILLING America’s seniors.

And it’s something most doctors NEVER warn you about.

In most cases, they can’t...

Because it happens so fast, your doc won’t even have the chance!

Today, I’m going to give you what your doctor can’t: TWO SIMPLE STEPS you can take to fight back against this hidden death risk.

I’m talking about the true cause of the so-called “widowhood effect” – the very real risk of suffering a major health problem and even dying after the loss of a loved one.

I’m sure you remember how Johnny Cash passed away four months after his wife, June Carter Cash.

Or how screen legend Debbie Reynolds died just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

Some might say these folks “died of a broken heart,” and that’s certainly true on some level.

But a new study shows how the REAL cause of death is something you can recognize… and reverse.

This new study finds “grief” isn’t just a mental state.

It takes a PHYSICAL TOLL on your body, raising your levels of inflammation.

Inflammation levels jump by an average of 17 percent overall after the loss of a loved one, according to researchers’ blood tests on widows and widowers.

That’s already a significant bump in inflammation – but for some folks, it’s even worse...

MUCH worse.

One in three people struggling with grief see their inflammation levels jump by a whopping 53.4 percent.

When inflammation levels rise, you face a much higher risk of nearly every major cause of death, including heart attack and stroke.

But you can protect yourself in two ways...

1.Pay close attention to your own body after the loss of a loved one. There’s so much going on, from making final arrangements to dealing with visitors to managing your own grief, that your own health can get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Sleep well. Eat right. Watch for any signs of heart trouble – and if something feels wrong, get to the hospital ASAP.

And be a help to friends and family members who’ve suffered a loss by keeping an eye on them – we don’t always do a good job of looking after ourselves in times of grief.

2.Using natural inflammation-fighting therapies is a good strategy, even in the BEST of times.

When you’re facing grief, don’t let it slip!

Fish oil and curcumin are two terrific inflammation-fighters that are also proven to protect the heart… and maybe even help keep it from breaking.