[Warning] This bogus SCARE TACTIC could DESTROY your gut

It’s the ONE key to protecting yourself from infection… digestive problems… mood disorders... and more.

It’s a single step that will SOLVE ALL OF THESE problems at once.

Yet right now, the mainstream is doubling down on an effort to SCARE YOU AWAY from it!

See, there’s been yet another attack on probiotics, which provide healthy bacteria to your gut.

And this attack may be the most OUTRAGEOUS yet.

They’re urging you away from these healthy supplements… just when you need them the most!

That’s during and after an antibiotic treatment, when your body’s processing drugs that were specifically CREATED to wipe out bacteria.

That’s what they do, by DEFINITION. They (hopefully) kill the germs making you sick, but they also destroy the GOOD bacteria needed for some of your most basic and most essential functions.

A probiotic will replenish that stash of bacteria as the drugs wipe them out, helping you in two distinct and proven ways:

  • Probiotics cut the immediate risks, like diarrhea and secondary infections; and
  • They’ll also help over the long haul, ensuring you continue to have good digestion, serotonin production, immune support and more.

Yet the new study claims none of that matters.

Researchers say you can fill your body with the antibiotics… including some of the most powerful meds in the whole pharmacy… and never have to worry about a thing.

The study claims that your gut bacteria quickly return to normal after antibiotic treatment.

Well, that’s their conclusion… but it’s DEAD WRONG.

I read the DETAILS of the study, and the details tell a whole different story…

The details not only PROVE that your gut DOESN’T return to normal, but they also reveal how it might NEVER be right again!

Not on its own anyway.

The study finds at least NINE types of essential “good” bacteria DON’T return in normal levels in the six months after antibiotic treatment.

Bacteria are opportunists, of course. When the good ones leave, the bad ones move in, and that’s not just a “theory” anymore...

The new study confirms it once again. It found that “non-desirable” bacteria can invade the gut in the aftermath, throwing that balance out whack.

That combo – low levels of good bacteria and higher levels of bad ones – can set the stage for serious and lasting problems, including chronic disease and in some cases, even an early death.

Obviously, if you’re ever taking antibiotics, ignore the conclusion of this new study take a probiotic.

But don’t assume you’re in the clear if you’re not on the meds or haven’t taken them lately.

Millions of Americans are exposed to chronic low levels of “HIDDEN” antibiotics through food, water and more.

Probiotics restore order and balance!

Just don’t settle on a cheap blend from a big box store.

Instead, look for one with multiple, high-quality human-tested strains.