How to CATCH dementia early (BEFORE it’s too late)

It’s a breakthrough that could save your brain… and your independence.

You have a chance to spot the FIRST… and in some cases ONLY… warning sign of dementia.

It’s an opportunity to take quick action when it matters most…

Because when it comes to this devastating condition, the LONGER you wait, the TOUGHER it is to treat.

When most people think of dementia, of course they think of the telltale memory loss that’s one of the hallmarks of the disease.

But a new study finds the first warning signs could be something else entirely!

Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and/or loss of appetite could all be triggered by a very specific kind of damage in the brain called “tau tangles.”

These are different from the beta amyloid plaques that are such well-known markers of dementia. And we already knew that they’re LATER markers of the disease.

But it turns out the tau tangles may come FIRST. The new study finds those mood, appetite and sleep problems could be an indication they’re already forming.

Fortunately, there’s a way to chase out those tau tangles…Other studies have shown they can be caused by too much iron in the blood, which then accumulates in the brain.

While chelation therapy (which removes metals from your system) can’t remove iron that’s already in the brain, experiments on rabbits have found it can prevent more buildup.

It stops the damage and returns tau function to normal.

While this study has yet to be repeated on humans, we already know that chelation can lead to INCREDIBLE improvements in people with dementia...

Getting it earlier – before the first actual dementia signs sink in – could make it even more effective, especially if you have the risk factors revealed by this study.

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