WIPE OUT this devastating cancer treatment side effect

When you’re getting treated for cancer, it can feel like you’re being sent right through the gates of you-know-where...

Even when the treatments “work,” they can DESTROY your overall quality of life, turning even minor functions into painful struggles.

In too many cases, just BREATHING can hurt!

Now, new research reveals one way to ease the painful nasal problems that often accompany cancer treatment, including chemotherapy.

It’s NOT some expensive new drug that fixes one problem only to CAUSE another.

Instead, it’s a completely NATURAL therapy that’s been part of herbal medicine for centuries.

See, docs like to dismiss these time-tested treatments as “folk medicine”…

But they can’t write off rose geranium oil anymore – because it’s just gotten a MAJOR boost from cutting-edge science.

Rose geranium oil can help DESPERATE cancer patients cope with a life-wrecking side effect called nasal vestibulitis.

Sounds nasty, right?

It IS nasty!

It can feel as if the inside of your nostrils were burned off (and given how cancer drugs work, that’s not far from the truth).

They turn tender… bleed… and scab over, but the scabs in this case don’t mean it’s done and you’re healing.

It can happen all over again (and again… and again).

You can’t wake up and smell the roses… because even the simple act of taking in a nice, deep breath can turn into an exercise in agony.

The new study focused on cancer patients getting treated with a class of chemo called taxanes as well as a type of cancer med called vascular endothelial growth factors, or VEGFs.

They each work by attacking cells. The first stops them from dividing, and the second cuts off blood vessels to choke out those cancer cells.

But they can also target other areas, including soft tissue inside your nose – leading to painful side effects.

That’s where rose geranium oil comes into the picture.

In the new study, 20 women with breast cancer were given a spray and told to use it as needed.

EVERYONE got at least some benefit, with more than half calling it a “moderate” improvement and nearly a third saying it had a “substantial” effect.

And for 10 percent, this natural oil CURED the problem COMPLETELY!

There are different forms of these oils available. The one used in the study was mixed in a sesame-based spray, which is a good option for nasal use.

If you’re battling cancer, talk to a holistic doctor experienced in integrative medicine for the best options to ease the side effects of chemo.