Don’t fall for this MASSIVE blood pressure SCAM

Another one bites the dust!

I’m talking about the new blood pressure guidelines announced last year with great fanfare. You’ll recall they were supposed to IMPROVE health and SAVE lives.

I warned at the time that those guidelines were wrong.

And now, a MASSIVE new study not only confirms my warning, but also exposes the UGLY TRUTH about those guidelines.

MORE people will end up on meds… and MORE of them will be HURT, not HELPED, because of them!

The new guidelines dropped the levels considered “high” enough for treatment from 140/90 down to 130/80.

Of course, that one little “tweak” – a drop of just 10 points – is a potential windfall for the drug industry…

It meant 31 million new patients going from “healthy” to “hypertension” literally OVERNIGHT.

Nearly all of them, according to those guidelines, now need meds.

Let’s hope their docs aren’t playing ball, because the new study finds – and this is a direct quote from the lead author at Oxford University – there is “no evidence of any benefit” for dishing out drugs at that level!

The folks on the drug tracked for up to six years DIDN’T have a lower risk of heart attack… and they DIDN’T have a lower risk of a stroke.

But really, they should’ve seen this coming.

I sure did.

Older studies have found that people with “stage 1” hypertension DON’T always see a drop in risk even when their meds “work” and cut the blood pressure itself.

But they DO see a higher risk of side effects.

The new study confirms that, too.

Over six years, patients on the drugs faced serious problems including – ironically – hypotension, or when blood pressure drops too low.

That can cause fainting, which can lead to head injuries and bone breaks.

These meds can also cause memory loss and kidney damage, just to name a couple of other risks.

And to cap it all off, the patients in the new study who were on the meds actually had a slightly HIGHER risk of death!

Now, I get why you don’t want to defy your doc and refuse to cut your BP.

But you may not have to!

A healthier alternative

If you’re among those 31 million “new” hypertension patients… in other words, if your BP is consistently about 10 points too high… there’s an option that can bring your levels down by exactly what you need – and then some.

And you don’t have to swallow a thing.

Many people have higher BP at a doctor’s office than they do at home. It’s so common it has a name: white-coat hypertension.

Get your own reader (they run about $30).

Take your own measurements at home every day for about a week or so.

And if the numbers are lower, share them with your doc. You can probably talk him out of treatment altogether!