[Warning] TERRIFYING diabetes drug being pushed on MILLIONS

It’s a DANGEROUS drug that’s RUINING lives.

This medication needs to be pulled from the market…

But instead, they’re doing just the OPPOSITE!

They’re EXPANDING it to reach MORE consumers and put MORE lives on the line.

And if you have diabetes, one of those lives could be yours!

The FDA has just extended its approval for a diabetes drug called canagliflozin (aka Invokana).

Until now, it was supposed to be given ONLY after other drugs, such as metformin, failed to control blood sugar.

But now, the feds are trying to push it on EVERYONE with both diabetes and heart disease, claiming it’s practically a magic pill.

The FDA claims canagliflozin can cut your risk of heart attack and stroke – two of today’s top killers, especially in patients with diabetes – as well as cut the risk of death itself.

But don’t join the “canagliflozin caravan” just yet.

This is a bandwagon you DON’T want to be on

First off, there’s that supposed benefit.

Sure, there’s a study that claims the drug can cut those risks… but only by between 14 percent and 18 percent.

Not exactly what I’d call impressive.

What’s TRULY impressive here isn’t the drug. It’s the FDA – because they keep finding new and amazing ways to PROVE how completely CLUELESS they are!

Just last year, the agency wasn’t talking about expanding this drug.

They were adding WARNINGS to it!

They slapped this drug with the dreaded “black box,” reserved for the most serious and dangerous risks of all.

The drug still carries this label, which warns of one of the most frightening risks you can imagine…


That’s right: patients who take this drug have DOUBLE the risk of leg and foot amputations, and that’s according to the FDA itself.

Once upon a time, amputations were common among people with diabetes. In modern years, they’ve become rare.

In other words, this drug is turning back the clock in all the wrong ways.

And now they want even MORE people to take it?


There’s a far BETTER, much SAFER and EASIER way to cut the heart risk that comes along with diabetes, and you don’t need to add a questionable drug to your daily routine.

If anything, you may be able to ELIMINATE your meds rather than expand them.

A much safer alternative

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