CONFIRMED: Cellphones linked to deadly BRAIN TUMORS!

There’s a habit we’ve settled into over the past couple decades because it’s just so darned convenient.

We’re spending HOURS a day on our cell phones.

Unfortunately, this modern “convenience” can also turn DEADLY.

For years, the cell phone companies have tried to convince us that cell phones are as harmless as kittens and mom’s apple pie.

But now there’s rock-solid PROOF that they can cause cancer.

It’s like aiming a LOADED WEAPON straight at your brain.

But I’m going to show you how to keep yourself safe.

Ringing out with a warning

New research -- straight from the U.S. government itself -- confirms CELL PHONE USE can more than triple your risk of developing deadly brain cancer.

Don’t worry; in a moment, I’ll have tips that’ll let you use your phone without fear. You can absolutely:

  • CUT your exposure;
  • ARM your body against radiation; and
  • SLASH your cancer risk.

But first, let’s look at the new report that’s keeping the Silicon Valley billionaires up at night...

In experiments on lab rats, male rodents exposed to extensive cellphone radiation developed tumors in the heart and adrenal gland.

It gets worse...

They also developed “gliomas”: a form of brain cancer SO DEADLY that patients are advised to get their affairs in order when they’re diagnosed.

The industry is already fighting back by claiming that these are rats, not humans.

Well, that would be a fair point -- except the research on humans has been terrifying, too.

In one observational study, cellphone use for just 20 minutes a day TRIPLED the risk of brain tumors over the long term.

Using them for an hour a more increased the odds by 500 percent!  

And people are using their phones MORE and MORE these days, not less. Some are getting rid of their landlines completely.

With “unlimited” plans, people gab for hours, then keep using their phone for everything from online shopping to web surfing to playing games.

Now, I know you’re not going to just run out and cancel your cell phone plan.

So let me give you the BEST way to protect yourself -- without giving up your phone.

You just need a change of habit! Never hold it to your head; use earbuds or speakerphone.

And when you’re at home, always put it on a table or shelf away from your body (or turn it off), and don’t sleep with it on the nightstand next to your head.