Drop 5 pounds in just ONE SECOND!

Can you lose weight in just one second?

It sounds too good to be true. Heck, it sounds downright impossible.

But there’s a quick trick that’ll literally take you about a second a day.

It’s painless...


And you already have everything you need on hand...

The easiest weight loss trick of all time

I’m talking about stepping on the scale.

Yes, THAT scale. The one that might currently be stuffed under a bathroom counter.

Maybe you’ve been avoiding weighing yourself because you suspect that number is higher than it should be (no shame in that; you’re hardly alone).

And while you might not want to be reminded of it, a new study reveals how it might be just what you need to KICKSTART your weight loss.

Just knowing your weight by checking it daily – and seeing how your decisions each day affect it – can very subtly change your behavior in ways you won’t even notice.

I know that sounds like psychobabble.

But it’s not, as this one, simple, daily one-second habit triggered significant weight loss in the new study... even when people made NO OTHER CHANGES!

The folks this experiment weren’t asked to diet or shift their habits. They weren’t even asked to weigh themselves.

In fact, they probably didn’t even know they were part of this study...

They were taking part in ANOTHER study – one on heart health – and had digital scales that automatically sent data to a clinic when they did choose to step on it.

Some used those scales daily. Some hopped on occasionally. And some almost never did.

And between the two extremes, researchers spotted one key difference.

The folks who almost never weighed themselves never lost weight… while the folks who stepped on the scale six or seven times a week lost 1.7 percent of their body weight over the course of a year.

Obviously, if you’re on a diet, you want to lose more weight than that.

But remember: these folks weren’t dieting.

They lost up to 5 POUNDS by doing NOTHING AT ALL other than checking the scale each day!

Combine it with other proven strategies for weight loss – including the Mediterranean diet that I’m such a big believer in – and you can watch the pounds practically melt away.

That 1.7 percent is suddenly a huge head start. If you’re trying to lose 5 percent, you’re nearly half way there… and if you’re trying to drop 10 percent, that puts you nearly a fifth of the way toward your goal.

Not bad for something that literally takes a second a day!