This breakthrough study could REVOLUTIONIZE how you age!

It’s the STUNNING new research that’s rewriting the book on aging.

This breakthrough study has scientists finally admitting what I’ve shared with my own patients – and what you’ve read right here in House Calls and in Health Revelations...

Your DNA is NOT your destiny!

In other words, you can FORGET how long your parents and grandparents lived, and whatever risks they might’ve passed along to you.

Sure, genetics DO play a role.

But the new study PROVES you can easily overcome your genetic risk.

In other words, HOW LONG and HOW WELL you’ll live is totally up to you – the future is YOURS TO WRITE!

And I’ve got a way you can literally SLOW TIME deep inside your body and ADD YEARS to your life with one, simple strategy...

New breakthrough shakes up mainstream beliefs

See, until now, mainstream science has believed inherited genes account for up to a third of your life expectancy.

But the groundbreaking study finds the TRUE number is far lower...

Researchers used online databases to examine the DNA and lifespans of some 400 million people, making it by far the largest study of its kind ever conducted.

As it turns out, your inherited DNA accounts for just the tiniest sliver of your life expectancy:

It’s just 7 percent!

You might think that this flies in the face of what you’ve seen all around you. Some family trees seem to have shorter branches as people die younger. And in others, folks just seem to live forever.

That DOES happen.

But the new study finds it’s NOT because of genetics, but because families tend to share the same habits and lifestyles.

Of course, the mainstream is dispensing the usual blah-blah-blah about “eat right” and “exercise.”

C’mon already. We already know all that – and it DOESN’T explain the difference either.

In other words, they still don’t have the answers.

But I do...

“If I could turn back time; if I could find a way...”

The biggest risk factor for an early death… and the BEST way to cut that risk and add YEARS to your life… DOES come down to your DNA.

But it’s NOT what you’ve inherited!

DNA isn’t a locked vault. It’s constantly changing, especially in response to toxins and oxidative stress.

If your DNA is getting slammed, it’ll literally unravel and you’ll face all the risks of aging and an early death.

But you can ARM your DNA against that constant assault and literally SLOW TIME deep inside your body!

The key is in your telomeres, or the little caps on the ends of your DNA...

The faster they shrink, the bigger your risks.

And studies show you can slow that shrink with ashwagandha, an age-fighting herbal therapy used for centuries in India.

Lab tests show it can boost the enzyme telomerase – which protects your DNAby a stunning 45 percent.

In addition to ashwagandha, you can look to vitamin D, fish oil and the carotenoid nutrients found in brightly colored veggies. All are proven to protect those life-extending telomeres.

Build your own age-fighting strategy around these nutritional superstars and you’ll have everything you need for a longer and healthier life -- regardless of your family tree.

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