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You could be doing everything “right.”

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The truth is, the majority of heart attacks happen to people who have “normal” cholesterol -- and who hit most other mainstream health targets, too.

But there’s a POTENT therapy that can SLASH your risk of a heart attack.

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The secret from the sea

Just a few months ago the mainstream was dancing on the grave of fish oil.

They claimed a cursory study not only “proved” that it didn’t cut heart risk, but that it was the “final word” on the matter.

Now, we’ve got a much better and far more thorough new study… one that meets the “gold standard” for research.

And it found that fish oil could quite literally save your life!

Amazingly, 1,000 mg per day will cut your risk of a heart attack by 28 percent.

Of course, the mainstream is rushing to dismiss that as some kind of fluke.

See, the more you rely on already available, all-natural remedies like fish oil, the less MONEY they put in the BANK.

But there’s another little detail in the study that confirms this benefit is not only real, but it also comes specifically from the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.

The results showed that folks who rarely or never eat fish get an EVEN bigger benefit…

That same 1,000 mg per day cuts heart attack risk by STUNNING 40 percent!

That shows what scientists like to call a “dose-response relationship” – and it’s a KEY indicator that it’s the supplement creating the benefit (not some kind of fluke).

And for my money, I’d bet that a higher dose would lead to an even GREATER response!

See, while 1,000 mg a day is a solid amount of omega-3s for many people, studies show that’s the absolute MINIMUM you need for a benefit.

The right amount for YOU will depend on both your risk, and how much fatty fish you eat in a typical week.

And that’s something a holistic medical doctor can help you sort out!