The secret blood pressure CURE you’ll NEVER see in the news  

There’s a little-known CURE for high blood pressure.

The TV “experts” won’t talk about it.

Your doctor won’t mention it.

And of course, mainstream medicine would rather you NEVER know it exists.

That’s because this treatment will be a small, one-time expense

And it’s SO EFFECTIVE it can actually MATCH the power of drugs when it comes to cutting your blood pressure.

If YOU don’t need meds, that means THEY lose money!

Enough is enough; I’m not going to allow them to hide it from you anymore.

Hypertension secret EXPOSED

A new study shines a light one what may be the simplest… safest… and downright cheapest cure for high blood pressure yet.

Those of you who took my advice last week (on how to stop seasonal affective disorder from grabbing hold of you this winter) may ALREADY have this in your home!

The same LIGHT BOX that helps you DEFEAT stubborn “winter blues” can also work wonders for hypertension.

In the study, volunteers given 30 minutes of light-box therapy a day saw their systolic (“top number”) blood pressures drop by 8 mmHg.

That’s the same drop in BP you can get from drugs… with NO DRUGS at all!

There are probably several reasons for the benefit, but the biggest one of all is that a light box’s blue light stimulates the production of nitric oxide inside the body.

Patients who got treated with the blue light had higher levels of this compound, which helps to open up blood vessels to keep your circulation flowing smoothly.

They saw another benefit – one that’s n far more important than lower blood pressure in many ways:

They had less stiffness in the arteries and more relaxed blood vessels, too.

In addition to its drug-matching benefits:

  • This CURE will only run you about $50 (and will last for years to come).
  • You can use it while doing other things. Place it on a desk while you read, watch TV, catch up on your mail, pay your bills -- whatever you want, as long as you get about 20-30 minutes of exposure per day.
  • It has enormous mood-boosting powers, as I mentioned last week.
  • Light boxes can also help you sleep, fight jet lag, and more!