WARNING: The next big cholesterol ‘treatment’ is the WORST ONE YET

Millions of older Americans facing heart risk are about to get conned.

Yet another lousy cholesterol treatment WON’T save your life.

Instead, this $1,000-a-month swindle is mainstream’s big new push to line their pockets.

I’ll share what they hope you never see.

And I’ll give you the inside scoop on a science-backed treatment that will attack cholesterol in the ONLY way that MATTERS for your health!

Don’t get taken by this health con

Millions of new patients will be given coronary calcium scans, which in many cases will then lead to an expensive and unproven new class of cholesterol medication called PCSK9 inhibitors.

Fewer people might get statins, which is great.

But it’s not because of their notorious side effects or feeble “benefits” -- that’s never stopped mainstream from pushing statins on you like candy before.

No, the reason is much simpler:


Statins are generic and cheap. The new drugs, PCSK9 inhibitors, can run $1,000 a month or more.

The scans – at up to $400 a pop – are just the gravy on the potatoes for them.

EVERYONE makes big money… so EVERYONE wins.

Everyone, that is, except for YOU.

No, I’ve got a better plan.

It’s simple… safe… effective… and PROVEN, unlike PCSK9 inhibitors.

A safe, effective, and proven remedy for your heart

The true key to heart protection can’t be picked up on the coronary calcium scans.

They only measure your LDL levels. While that’s helpful, you don’t get the full story.

See, cholesterol isn’t the problem. LDL particles damaged by oxidation are – and any doc who doesn’t recognize that isn’t keeping up with the science.

These new drugs do NOTHING about LDL oxidation, so even when they “work” and improve your numbers, you could STILL face huge risks.

Instead, look to pantesin

It’s a powerful form of pantothenic acid (aka vitamin B5) that’s proven to produce plasma lipoprotein particles, or PLP, which REVERSE years of damage.

That’s because they CHASE oxidized cholesterol particles right out of your bloodstream!

You’ll find it available on its own, but for best results look for a blend aimed at protecting your heart.