[STRANGE!] This COLOR could cut your death risk

Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t expect to learn today...

There’s a single color that has the power to:

  • Protect your body;
  • Prevent one of today’s top causes of death; and
  • SAVE your life!

No, I haven’t been sniffing too much nutmeg.

This cheery Christmas hue has just been PROVEN to STOP heart disease in its tracks...

‘Tis the season to SLASH your risk of cardiac death

There’s the green of the tree… the white of the snow… the silver and gold trim.

But it’s the red you see in everything from holiday berries, Rudolph’s nose, and Santa’s famous suit that can do so much MORE than make your Christmas decorations pop...

New research reveals a natural pigment that gives many fruits and vegetables their red and purple colors can not only prevent serious heart problems, but can literally cut your risk of an early death.

Talk about a Christmas miracle!

Those rich colors are provided by anthocyanins, which are part of natural age-defying, disease-fighting antioxidant family called flavonoids.

Anthocyanins can fight the damage caused by toxins, aging and more.

And they do it right where it matters most: on the cellular level.

The new report analyzed 19 other studies, using data from more than 600,000 people -- some of whom were tracked for as long as 41 years.

What they found was a STRONG and CONSISTENT link between anthocyanins and heart risk.

The more of these red-powered nutrients you get… the LOWER your risk!

Overall, folks with the highest anthocyanin intake had nearly a 10 percent lower risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Better still, the study found these same potent compounds will cut your risk of dying from this disease by 8 percent.

That’s the most common form of heart disease, responsible for 1,000 deaths in America every single day.

But you can AVOID it completely with these all-natural antioxidants.

You can get anthocyanins by eating plenty of red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables. That means cherries, eggplant and blueberries and such.

While most people eat these foods, not many people eat them often enough to get the high levels you need for the heart-protecting benefits.

I suggest natural antioxidant supplements as well as blueberry extract, tart cherry and/or grapeseed-based formulas for their overall age-fighting benefits.