The REAL reason your UTIs keep coming back (And what to do)

Your doc will blame your urinary tract infections (UTIs) on bacteria...

And he’s partially right.

But there’s something else that gets to share the blame here, too, and it’s not some microscopic little bug.

It’s the very ANTIBIOTICS that are supposedly TREATING the infection.

New research reveals how UTIs are actually BOLSTERED by antibiotics...making us prone to relapses more than ever before.

Instead, I’ve got a foolproof plan you can use to CHASE those infections away and STOP them from coming back – once and for all!

It’s proven to be just as effective as meds, WITHOUT the risks.

But first, let’s take a look at WHY those persistent UTIs keep returning in the first place...

It’s like a strength-training gym for germs

Urinary tract infections are becoming difficult and downright impossible to treat, and it’s not because the germs are magically getting stronger on their own...

It’s because your doctor is practically TRAINING them!

He’s like Mickey putting Rocky Balboa through the paces before the big fight, helping to make them stronger and meaner...

Instead of making the germs do one-armed pushups, he’s giving them a barrage of antibiotics, which is like putting them through practice fights.

They get stronger with every course, learning to resist each drug over time.

The result?

A world champion of a germ… knocking YOU down for the count!

A new study finds that if your UTI doesn’t respond quickly to the first drug your doc gives you, you’ve already got a stronger bug -- and your fight is heading for another round.

You could suffer a relapse within just one week!

The study also finds folks who relapse are more likely to get the wrong antibiotic next.

Of course, in many cases, EVERY antibiotic is the “wrong” choice… because you DON’T always need drugs – and their nasty side effects -- to beat back the infections.

How to END your UTIs once and for all

Cranberry is often dismissed by mainstream docs.

Don’t let them fool you...

These tart little berries contain a potent compound called proanthocyanidins that can treat the bacteria behind UTIs the way Rocky handled Mr. T.

There is a catch: If you rely on juices like Ocean Spray for your cranberry fix, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for.

But cranberry EXTRACT can do the trick.

A study a few years back found that 500 mg of cranberry extract per day is JUST AS EFFECTIVE as an antibiotic for women with recurring urinary infections!