SLASH your blood pressure by 10 points in 72 hours (It’s EASY!)

Today, I’m going to show you an incredible blood pressure “trick” that’ll make your doctor’s jaw DROP...

A new discovery has revealed an easy way to slash up to 10 points off your blood pressure – in just 72 hours!

The trick works:

  • Without drugs;
  • Without vitamins;
  • Without exercise; and
  • Without any changes to your diet!

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to work this trick yourself, in the comfort of your home!

Every breath you take

No matter where you live, there’s a good chance there are toxins in the air – even if it looks and smells just fine.

That means you’re taking in a big lungful of poison with every breath.

Here’s what happens...

Damaging particles enter nose. They travel through your lungs, and rush around your body. Some even make it into your bloodstream, where they can cause incredible havoc from head to toe.

One of the most immediate effects of poison exposure is a spike in blood pressure.

But when you’re ALWAYS exposed – as most of us are – it’s not a spike anymore.

That jump becomes PERMANENT.

It’s your new “normal”—except there’s nothing NORMAL about it.

Your doc, of course, won’t know the cause. He’ll just know you have high blood pressure and try to get you on meds to bring it down.

But a new study points to a much better solution than those drugs, which come with dizzying side effects...

Try this blood pressure “trick”

An inexpensive air purifier – one that costs as little as $70 and lasts for years – can pull many of those toxic particles OUT of the air.

It’ll have an almost IMMEDIATE impact on your blood pressure levels!

The new study tested three kinds of air purifiers: One had a sham filter to act as a placebo, the other two were real filters with different efficiency levels.

I shared some early data from this study that had been released over the summer and it was impressive enough at the time: The filters cut particulate matter by 40 percent, which led to a blood pressure dip of nearly 4 points.

But now we have the full results, and it’s far more incredible than what anyone expected...

In folks who needed help the most – people who were overweight and obese with high blood pressure – the drop was DRAMATIC.

They lost up to 10 POINTS off their top number blood pressure in just THREE days!

It didn’t matter what kind of filter was used; the cheaper $70 purifier delivered the same results as a more expensive high-efficiency device.

All that matters is that you get one… and that you use it!