AMAZING 5-min. test spots dementia a DECADE early (Now you can FIGHT BACK!)

They’ll TELL YOU there’s no cure for dementia, and not even a treatment...

But the truth is, you CAN beat this nasty diseaseif you find it early enough.

And new research reveals the best hope against dementia yet:

The earliest possible warning sign ever uncovered.

A simple and inexpensive test doesn’t look for symptoms because it finds the disease LONG before memory loss or “senior moments” strike.

We’re not talking weeks or months earlier...or even a couple of years.

See, this 5-minute test can spot dementia a full DECADE before it strikes!

First, I’m going to show you this AMAZING new test...

Then, I’ll give you a BATTLEPLAN for BEATING BACK this insidious disease.

New test is a dementia GAMECHANGER

Last month, I shared with you the remarkable results of a study out of Pittsburgh that linked dementia with sluggish blood flow from damaged arteries.

Now, new research from London takes it even further...

It not only CONFIRMS that link, but REVEALS a very simple – and very specific – measurement of blood flow that can predict who could get dementia.

It’s a simple, five-minute test that:

  • Won’t hurt
  • Doesn’t cost much money
  • Won’t do any damage
  • Doesn’t involve any radiation

What they’re looking for is the power of each “pulse” of blood through the neck and into the brain.

Generally, those pulses are well-regulated and fairly mild, cushioned by the arteries immediately around your heart.

But as those arteries get stiffer, the pulses can get stronger – and given how delicate the small blood vessels in the brain are, stronger isn’t better here.

It can OVERPOWER and DAMAGE the small vessels, making them unable to deliver the right levels of nutrients and oxygen into the brain.

As a result, folks with the strongest pulses are a shocking 50 percent more likely to plunge into a more rapid cognitive decline over the next decade.

In other words, this pulse test is one of the biggest known risk factors for dementia. That timespan also makes it one of the EARLIEST risk factors, too.

Imagine that…

A TEN-YEAR head-start against a disease that’s very responsive to early treatment!

You can get a leg up and fight back before the first symptoms ever strike – and if you take the RIGHT action, you make sure they never do!

Your dementia BATTLEPLAN

If you test positive for dementia – or if you already have it – we now know it’s important to enhance your flow of blood, and protect your arteries at the same time.

Vitamin K is a known “pipe cleaner” that can do both things at once!

See, for years, researchers have noticed that dementia patients are low in K...

They were never quite able to figure out the link, but the new study may have finally revealed that reason.

Other ways to enhance blood flow and protect arteries include curcumin and omega-3 fatty acids – and not at all coincidentally, both are known to cut the risk of dementia, too.

One more note on vitamin K: it doesn’t mix well with warfarin, so speak to a doctor before taking it.