[URGENT] Deadly new risk facing cancer patients (And how to SLASH it)

There’s a dirty secret your oncologist WON’T talk about.

He KNOWS about it. Heck, he CAUSED it… and he knows THAT, too.

But by the time it happens, he’s been out of the picture so long that no one will even suspect him... so he keeps quiet.

Now, the jig is up.

A harrowing new report reveals the TRUTH about treatment for breast and prostate cancers.

The diseases almost certainly WON’T kill you.

But the treatments?

Those could DESTROY you!

I’ll give you my tips on how to ARM your body to fight these cancers, AVOID aggressive over-treatment, and ELIMINATE this ugly new risk.

First, let’s blow the lid off the dirtiest secret in cancer care...

What your doctor WON’T tell you about cancer treatment

You survived the cancer. Congratulations!

But a pair of new studies link two of the most common cancer therapies to a condition that’s even DEADLIER than either form of this disease.

Those therapies could slowly… quietly… secretly… leave behind damage in the worst possible place: your heart.

It’s NOT something you’ll see or feel. Not right away.

And it likely won’t be picked up by any of the tests your doctor will run.

But months or even years later, you could suffer from HEART FAILURE – a condition so dangerous that half of the people who have it are dead within five years:

Prostate Cancer: One new study finds men who have androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer are 72 percent more likely to suffer from heart failure in the year after treatment.

In some men, that risk jumps by 90 percent! The risk drops after a year, but three years after therapy it’s still 53 percent higher.

Breast Cancer: For women, the stakes are even higher. One study earlier this year found that breast cancer treatment – not the cancer, but the TREATMENT –TRIPLES your risk of heart failure!

Those are risks NO ONE should face…

SURVIVE your cancer – WITHOUT damaging your heart

See, breast and prostate cancer have one thing in common: many of the tumors are harmless.

Some need no treatment other than a doc who can check the tumor from time to time and only step in if it grows.

When they DO need treatment, the least-aggressive therapies will often do the trick, including localized surgery.

In addition, natural therapies can help you to both detoxify and minimize the risks.

Intravenous vitamin C, for example, can work in four ways. It can:

  • Fight the tumor itself by killing cancer cells…
  • Enhance other cancer treatments so you need fewer of them…
  • Ease side effects, and…
  • Prevent damage from those treatments.

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