Get the benefits of exercise… without moving a muscle!

It may sound like a dream, but today I’ve got a hot tip on how to give your body a workout...

And you don’t have to move a muscle!

Yep, it’s just about the most relaxing way to “exercise” around...

So gentle you can literally sip a glass of wine while you do it!

Folks, this is just about the most pleasant way to sweat of all...

When you just CAN’T exercise…

Don’t get me wrong; you want to get out and get moving whenever possible.

It’s fun. It’s invigorating. And it’s HEALTHY.

But sometimes you can’t – especially in the cold, dark days of winter.

And there are times when injuries and poor health can make getting any real exercise downright impossible.

That’s where this new tip comes in...

New research reveals how you can get some of the metabolic benefits and inflammation-fighting power of a workout, MINUS the workout.

The secret is a hot bath!

Instead of working up a sweat while running or having a sadistic personal trainer put you through the paces, you can get your sweat from the steam of your tub.

The new study finds a hot bath works in at least THREE ways, and all of them are similar to the benefits you get from exercise:

  • Circulation benefits: A hot bath causes a spike your body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps open up blood vessels to keep things flowing smoothly. A boost in nitric oxide can even help cut blood pressure.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits: Right after the hot bath, volunteers had a spike inflammation. You might think that’s bad, and it would be if inflammation levels stayed high. But that’s how exercise works, too: It triggers a quick spike in inflammation, followed by a dip. Sure enough, after two weeks of hot baths, overall inflammation levels PLUNGED.
  • Sugar Solution: That nitric oxide I mentioned? It has another trick up its sleeve. It helps your body to use up glucose, which probably helps explain this next major bathing benefit... After two weeks, volunteers who took the baths saw their fasting blood sugar levels drop!

Now, there are a couple of downsides here...

The folks in the study didn’t just take a quick dip. They were in the tub for a full hour, nearly every day.

And while the benefits are real, they’ll work BEST if you’re making some other healthy changes along with them… like the ones you’ll no doubt be making when the New Year arrives.

Maybe a daily soak should be one of your resolutions!