The new study that EVERY WOMAN needs to see (It could save your life!)

There’s a sad, SHOCKING truth about heart attacks the mainstream’s not telling you…

See, women die every day from having a heart attack…

But it’s NOT because of the event.

It’s because of their doctors!

You won’t believe the SHOCKING results of a new study…

What you don’t know about heart attacks could KILL you

This startling new report finds women are a stunning 2.26 fold more likely to DIE in the month after a heart attack than men.

And while this study was done in Britain, we’ve seen the same thing here – repeatedly – as studies show women with a heart attack are:

  • MORE likely to be misdiagnosed
  • LESS likely to get life-saving cardiac care
  • MORE likely to die

Women simply aren’t receiving the same level of care and attention as men when it comes to cardiac events.

This risk doesn’t stop in the ER or in the 30 days after, either…

A 2016 study in Circulation found that in the five years after a heart attack, 47 percent of women will either die, develop heart failure or battle a stroke compared to just 36 percent of men.

Another study found women who report heart attack symptoms in U.S. hospitals are 25 percent less likely to get an angiogram.

This kind of medical negligence is infuriating – and completely unacceptable.

So ladies, I’m going to show you how you can turn those numbers around and put the odds back in your favor.

The 3 KEYS to heart attack survival for women

  • KEY 1: Know the warning signs. This is the biggie, and the main reason these deadly attacks are missed by women and doctors alike. It’s NOT always the classic chest pain. Women are 50 percent more likely to have a heart attack with no chest pain, but face other symptoms, including sudden indigestion, nausea, and stomach aches as well as pain in the jaw, neck and/or shoulder
  • KEY 2: Get help. Sorry, ladies, but it’s not always the doctors at fault. One study found women often wait more than TWO DAYS before seeking help, versus an average of 16 hours for guys. That delay can have deadly consequences.
  • KEY 3: Don’t let doctors push you around. Once you recognize the signs… once you get help… you might get the brush-off in the ER, especially if the doc doesn’t think you’re having a heart attack. Don’t let them push you out the door until you’ve been TESTED and, if appropriate, given an angiogram.

The sooner you get help, the higher your risk of not only surviving, but also recovering without any lingering effects – so don’t wait.

If anything seems amiss, get to the emergency room ASAP.