CURE your cold (And fight off even the NASTIEST respiratory infections!)

A battle with an infection that just won’t go away can turn the season of joy into a nightmare...

It’s like an unwanted, obnoxious guest who’s lingering around, spoiling your holiday party.

But today, I’m going give you just what you need to chase those infections away:

It’s the No. 1 SECRET to help turbo-charge your immune system.

With it:

  • You can AVOID colds and other respiratory infections; and
  • You can even REVERSE them when they strike!

Keep reading for this virtually bullet proof strategy...

There IS a cure for the common cold

You don’t need meds for this one.

These simple, proven and all-natural cures tackle the cold itself – not just its symptoms:

VITAMIN D: New research finds 5,000 mg per day increases secretory immunoglobulin A, the protective barrier against germs in your nose, throat and sinuses. That jump in activity led to higher immune function and fewer respiratory infection symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.

That’s right in line with older research on D – including a 2016 report that found these supplements can cut the risk of infection by a staggering 40 PERCENT.

NAC: N'acetylcysteine can prevent flu, colds and other nasty infections. Take 600 mg twice a day on an empty stomach during winter, and boost it to 2,000 mg per day if you get sick to cut the duration, severity and symptoms.

ZINC: No cure for the common cold? Whoever said that has never tried zinc! It’s available as lozenges, just be sure to track how much you take each day. You’ll want about 100 mg, spread out. Get too much, and you could end up with some gas and diarrhea.