How to FIGHT the SECRET DAMAGE of cancer treatment

The cancer might be gone...

If you’re lucky, it’s gone for good.

But the treatment?

That can leave behind permanent damage...

They can AGE you from the inside… meaning that even if you survive that cancer today, you could face a higher risk of EVERYTHING ELSE tomorrow.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to FIGHT BACK against the devastation cancer treatments leave in their wake.

First, the new research your oncologist hopes you never see…

The UGLY TRUTH about chemo and radiation

Chemo and radiation are supposed to attack cancer cells, stripping away their defenses and forcing them to die instead of spreading and growing.

But the truth is, neither treatment can tell the difference between a healthy cell and a cancer cell.

In other words, they attack EVERY cell!

Once the cancer is gone, it’s hopefully gone for good.But those healthy cells? Well, they’re not so healthy anymore.

A new study looked at those cells in breast cancer patients between three and six years AFTER treatment.

What they found was incredible, lasting damage.

Their DNA actually looked “OLDER”:

  • Enzyme damage: They had lower levels of the enzyme telomerase, which regulates aging inside your DNA.
  • Shorter telomeres: Telomerase helps protect the telomeres (the caps on the end of each DNA strand that indicate cellular aging). The cancer patients had shorter telomeres, which means those cells were closer to dying.

Shorter telomeres are a KEY warning sign of rapid aging  -- and all the risks that come with it, including disease and early death.

In the study, the women with this inner damage were already showing the outward warning signs of more rapid aging, with cognitive struggles and problems with motor speed.

So let me give you two tips on not only surviving the cancer, but beating the treatment...

First, make sure you actually NEED those treatments.

Chemo and radiation are often given as a first resort, when in many cases they should be last resorts.

Many breast cancers, for example, can be treated with a simple lumpectomy (and some “stage zero” cancers may not need treatment at all).

Second, if you DO need treatment, don’t expect the oncologists to warn you about the symptoms or work to minimize these DNA-damaging side effects.

They don’t think it’s part of their job!

Instead, add a holistic medical doctor to your team.

Natural therapies such as intravenous vitamin C, for example, can both limit the sickening side effects of chemo and enhance its effectiveness!

Additionally, herbal medicine such as ginseng can help prevent side effects – including those cognitive struggles seen in the new study – while also detoxifying so your cells suffer less damage.