Ladies: You may be DYING in your sleep! (Learn to identify and STOP this condition)

A condition is literally KILLING women while they sleep, one deep and desperate breath at a time...

And ladies, odds are…you DON’T even know you have it!

There are three steps that’ll help you:

  1. IDENTIFY this deadly condition;
  2. STOP it completely; and
  3. REVERSE the damage…

What you need to know

A new study confirms that sleep apnea -- the condition marked by loud snoring and then silent moments where you STOP BREATHING -- can be devastating for your heart.

Folks who have the condition have a thicker left ventricular mass, which forces the heart to work harder when pumping. This can set the stage for risks up to and including a heart attack.

While both men and women with apnea have this critical warning sign, the study finds the risk is MUCH bigger for women.

The study also confirms that it’s “grossly underdiagnosed.”

Then again, when the mainstream spots it – which is rare – they treat it in all the wrong ways…

I’m talking about surgeries that often don’t fully cure the condition, and nighttime oxygen masks so uncomfortable that they’re almost impossible to sleep with.

That’s where my THREE-STEP action plan comes into play:

Step 1: Docs can diagnose apnea with a night in a sleep lab, but there’s a simpler option…

If you’re married, take turns watching each other at night.

Snoring is the first warning sign, as snorers often also have apnea.

The second, even more important warning sign to watch out for are gaps of total silence between snores.

That’s when you stop breathing.

And it’s when you’re at risk!

Step 2: Find a quality antioxidant supplement.

Much of the damage in your body caused by apnea is the result of oxidative stress triggered by the gaps in your breathing.

You can protect against it with a quality antioxidant blend including vitamins C and E as well as natural compounds such as resveratrol.

Step 3: Lose a little weight.

Now, obviously, it’s good to be at your “ideal” weight. But let’s not even talk about that just yet. That’s hard for a lot of people… so hard, that some give up without starting.

When it comes to apnea, even a LITTLE weight loss can go a long way.

Lose 10 pounds. That amount alone can often ease the worst of the apnea so you sleep better and reset your risks.

Anyone can lose 10 pounds in just a few weeks of not-very-intense dieting.

Give it a shot. Who knows… maybe you’ll want to keep going!