Burn HUNDREDS of extra calories per day (Hint: NOT extreme diet or exercise!)

Merry Christmas!

Today, I join with you in taking a moment to honor the reason for the season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

We also look forward to enjoying much-needed time with our loved ones. (I can’t wait to watch the joy as the littlest members of my family open their gifts!)

Then, we let the belt out a notch and savor the delicious food of the season…

After all, it’s Christmas. We can worry about the waistline tomorrow!

Besides, shedding those holiday pounds is a whole lot easier than you’ve been led to believe.

I’ve got one little trick to show you today.

There are no painful exercises…

No starvation diets...

And no drugs.

No, this easy method will help you burn HUNDREDS of extra calories per day without all that.

Consider it my little Christmas gift to you…

Easy way to SHED holiday pounds

There’s a little switch in your body that can burn off fat, and it can be triggered.

The key is in creating more brown fat, which burns off the unsightly white fat that adds inches to your waistline.

Brown fat is so potent that just a quarter pound of it can burn off 3,400 calories per day.

That’s more than your entire day of eating and then some – which is why it’s so effective at helping you to lose weight!

Now, be forewarned: Big Pharma is excited; it thinks it’s found the trick to getting more brown fat...

Researchers have found a molecule they believe they can inject into your blood that will lead to more brown fat production, and more activity by the brown fat once it’s there.

Does it work?

Well… it worked in the study… in mice.

In humans, who knows, but they’re already talking about making this stuff into the next great diet drug.

You’re no mouse, of course, so there’s a chance it won’t do a thing for you. And even if it did, it could lead to disappointing results and sickening side effects.

There’s a BETTER WAY to get the benefits of brown fat -- without waiting for a Big Pharma drug to come along, or dealing with the side effects once it does.

The truth is, you don’t need drugs.

In fact, there’s no medication at ALL that can power up that internal furnace better than these…

Top 3 ways to BROWN your fat

  • Berberine: This herbal remedy also triggers a protein that activates brown fat, but unlike the untested “drug” in the new study, this stuff is backed by decades of safe, real-world use.
  • Capsaicin: Best known as the compound that gives peppers their heat, this stuff can also fire up your metabolism and cue your body into making more brown fat – which is why studies show it can also help turbocharge your diet!
  • Walkin’ in a winter wonderland: Enjoy the brisk weather. Not only will the walk do you good, but 10-15 minutes in low temperatures can actually stimulate brown fat production.

Obviously, don’t expose yourself to unhealthy temperatures and certainly don’t risk freezing your tail off. But if it’s just a little cool out, it’s a great idea to “walk off” your holiday meal!