How to QUIT your blood pressure drugs… for GOOD!

Blood pressure drugs can wreck everything from your balance to your mood…

Yet your doctor is absolutely CONVINCED you need them.

Today, I’m going to show you a way out.

After this, even your own doctor will have no choice but to help you quit those meds.

And it starts with recognizing one TRUTH that’s only just starting to become accepted by mainstream…

Blood pressure guidelines are built on a LIE

They INSISTED it was urgent… and they SWORE it would save lives…

But the latest research reveals the TRUTH about the new blood pressure guidelines that were rushed into place last year.

Just as I’d warned my own patients – and just as you read here in House Calls and in Health Revelationscutting the blood pressure targets didn’t save lives.

In fact, all it did was put millions of new patients on medications!

New research out of Germany shows that over the long term, medicating people to the new target with a top number of 130 instead of the old target of 140 didn’t lead to fewer heart attacks or strokes.

In other words, there’s virtually NO BENEFIT to those “urgent” new targets.

That vow to save lives?

Just the latest in a long line of empty Big Pharma promises!

And of course, the drugs aren’t safe by any stretch, so taking them not only doesn’t save lives…

It can RUIN them!

You already know some of the risks -- maybe a little too well if you’re on the meds yourself.

They can cloud your mind, leading to memory problems; and they can throw you off balance with dizziness that can cause falls.

Those, in turn, can lead to bone breaks -- and in some cases, even disability.

But it turns out those aren’t the only risks…

The new study finds using these drugs can also lead to depression.

This is the SECOND study in just two months to prove the new guidelines are a stinker, so maybe it’s time your doctor catches a whiff.

If you’re a little older, it’s beyond clear now that obsessing over every little jump in the numbers – and medicating people over it – is doing far more harm than good.

In other words, if you’re just “a little” high, your best treatment is often no treatment at all.

And if you do need to bring those blood pressure levels down, do two things…

2 healthy ways to lower your blood pressure

Buy your own blood pressure reader. As I shared just last week, measurements at home are often lower and can be used to prove you don’t need meds.

If you still need help bringing them down, start with calcium, magnesium and potassium instead of Big Pharma’s statins. They carry no side effects, and will likely do the trick to get you where you need to be!