[ALERT] New study confirms how to STOP AGING – even REVERSE it!

Anyone who’s visited me here in the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine knows I have a much different way of looking at “age” than most mainstream docs.

And now, amazingly, top scientists from Harvard and Yale have CONFIRMED my cutting-edge approach…

This BOMBSHELL report is shaking mainstream medicine.

For once, conventional medicine is acknowledging age ISN’T about when you were born, or how many candles are on your cake.

No, this new report reveals the KEYS to identifying how old you REALLY are…

And more importantly, it reveals the secret to stopping aging in its tracks!

The BEST way to measure aging

A new CNN report notes that age can be measured in two ways:

1. Chronological age. This is the traditional method and is based on your birthday.

Everyone uses it, including your own doctor.

And it’s the one I like to say doesn’t count…

Seriously, IGNORE it.

Even Yale and Harvard now say it’s essentially meaningless when it comes to measuring your health, your risks and your longevity.

2. Biological age. This one is far more important.

The new report confirms that it can run faster in some people…

Aging you early…

And exposing you to risks that could kill you BEFORE your time.

But the thing is, it also works the other way around.

You can SLOW your biological aging… STOP it… and in a very real way, REVERSE it!

How to TURN BACK your biological age

One key risk factor they’ve identified in biological age is something I test for here in my clinic, and something you’ve read about here in House Calls.

It’s toxins, and of course that doesn’t just mean living near a toxic waste plant.

There are toxins in your food… your water… and even the air you breathe.

The more of them you’re exposed to, the more damage your cells will suffer on the inside from oxidative stress.

And, in turn, the “older” you’ll get.

See, toxins can cause or contribute to everything from hardening arteries to rising blood sugar levels.

But you can fight back – even STOP and REVERSE the damage of aging.

Start by minimizing toxins:
• Eat natural organic foods
• Avoid plastics
• Filter your water
• Purify your air

Next, fight the toxic toll of oxidative stress with glutathione. This “master antioxidant” is proven to slow aging where it matters: deep inside your cells.

I recommend getting it in two ways.

First, go direct to the source. While most glutathione supplements can’t be used by your body very well, a form called Setria – found in a number of anti-aging formulas – is much more easily absorbed and put to work.

And second, give your body what it needs to make its own glutathione with a-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) supplements, which can also fight off oxidative stress and boost immune function.

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