The New Year’s resolution that could KILL you

Everyone HATES dieting.

Yet we all DO IT.

And – spoiler alert – nearly ALL of us FAIL at it, too!

But not you. Not this time.

In a moment, I’ll reveal what’s been missing from your diet resolutions… the ONE KEY to success that’ll make 2019 the year for positive change.

First, I want to share a warning about “yo-yo dieting”…

The one resolution you should NEVER break

Turns out giving up on a diet after a few weeks or months isn’t just bad for your resolution scorecard.

It’s bad in another way, too… one that’s far more dangerous.

Millions of Americans begin a diet every January and most of them don’t even make it to the Super Bowl.

Heck, some of them don’t even outlast the Christmas tree!

Much like those trees, they end up tossed out to the curb, dried up and forgotten.

You’d think that would be the end of it. Your diet didn’t work. The weight came back (or never left). You’re back to square one… but at least you’re not worse off.

Well, turns out you ARE worse off...

New research reveals something worse for your health than being overweight or obese – and that’s losing the weight, only to have it come back.

It’s not just frustrating.

It’s outright dangerous!

Two new studies look at the effects of so-called yo-yo dieting:

  • The first one finds being consistently overweight is actually BETTER than bouncing on the yo-yo. Those fluctuations will increase your risk of a heart attack and stroke by 40 percent.
  • The second one finds yo-yo dieting more than DOUBLES your risk of DEATH!

These are all risks you DON’T have to face.

And you certainly don’t have to accept being overweight (and all of the risks that come along with it) either.

There’s a simple reason so many diets fail, and that’s the basic fact that most of them are UNREALISTIC and IMPOSSIBLE to follow for anything other than a short period.

Starving while counting calories… giving up the foods you love on a low-fat diet… or sticking to bland and flavorless frozen meals… can all help you to lose weight -- briefly.

But they all end the same way: failure, because you can’t do it forever.

That’s why I recommend the one “forever” diet proven to work because it:

  • Doesn’t involve starving;
  • Giving up favorite foods; or
  • Frozen meals.

The Mediterranean diet promises foods you already love in filling amounts.

It’s easy to stick to because you’ll WANT to stick to it… and I’m going to prove it to you on Sunday.

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