The HIDDEN death risk in your bedroom (And two ways to REVERSE it)

There’s a SECRET death risk hiding in your bedroom.

I’m not talking about insomnia...

Quite the opposite – this HIDDEN RISK will only make you feel refreshed come the next morning.

Until it’s too late!

Here’s what you need to know (and two easy ways to reverse this little-known threat to your health)...

New study reveals SURPRISING sleep risk

New research is a “wakeup call” for anyone who is snoozing too much...

If you get more than eight hours of sleep a night, your risk of dying from heart failure, stroke and other cardiovascular problems leaps by a distressing 41 percent!

In other words, if you sleep TOO MUCH, it could cost you your LIFE!

Now, if you’re in that group, don’t start shopping for a new alarm clock just yet.

I’ll show you two effortless tricks that will get you the sleep you need – no more, and no less.

See, there are two common causes of excess sleep… and both of them are completely within your control.

Sleep apnea: This is the condition where you STOP BREATHING in the night, dozens or even hundreds of times. A prime symptom? Sleeping to excess, yet still feeling tired in the morning.

Not coincidentally, sleep apnea can increase your risk of death from heart troubles by a third.

You can reverse is with a little weight loss; studies show dropping as little as 10 pounds can reduce or even reverse the apnea. You’ll breath better… sleep better… and your risks will plunge!

Polypharmacy: Even ONE med can knock you out… but two, three or more? The combined effect could tranquilize a moose!

But that’s not all they can do...

Studies also show multiple meds can increase the risk of serious health problems, and even death.

It’s not that you NEED all of those drugs. In many cases you don’t – and in some, it’s because people have multiple doctors and specialists, each giving out meds without consulting the others.

So once a year or more, make sure to go over ALL your prescriptions -- from all your doctors and specialists. Then speak with your main physician and see what you can drop.

Or better yet, work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can get you off dangerous prescription drugs and onto safe natural therapies instead!