The DEADLY disease the mainstream’s NOT telling you about

There’s a killer condition the mainstream DOESN’T want to talk about.

If they did, they could do some real good...

Because most people don’t realize they have this condition, and it’s:

  • Secretly affecting 30 million Americans
  • Slowly but surely becoming one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.

But no -- they’re keeping quiet...

For good reason.

Because in a very real way, the mainstream is CAUSING this deadly epidemic themselves – and they know it!

In a moment, I’ll show you the TOP THREE WAYS to avoid falling victim.

First, I’ve got a new study that EVERY older American needs to see and share.

Shedding light on this “secret” killer

We’ve made progress against nearly every leading killer disease, from cancer to heart failure.

But not kidney disease.

Now, new numbers expose its HIDDEN TOLL...

The rate of chronic kidney disease is jumping faster than ANY OTHER non-infectious disease, including cancer and heart disease.

Over the past 15 years, deaths from the condition have skyrocketed by 58 percent.

A big reason for the rising death toll is because 96 percent of people in the earliest stages of the disease don’t know it...

Even more shocking is that close to HALF of all cases in the ADVANCED stages are undiagnosed!

Clearly, by the time it’s found, it’s often too late.

But you can take steps today to STOP THIS DISEASE COLD -- even if it’s forming your body right now.

You see, three of the biggest triggers are within your control:

Toxins: Your kidneys are your filters – and if they get overworked, they’ll get gummed up and fall apart.

One of the biggest stresses on your kidneys could be in the very air you breathe...

A 2017 study found 45,000 kidney disease cases are caused by air pollution every year.

Call it a good reason to invest in a quality air purifier with a HEPA filter for your home!

PPIs: A study last year found the wildly popular drugs prescribed for acid reflux can increase your risk of chronic kidney disease or kidney failure by a THIRD.

Many cases of reflux are caused by undiagnosed food sensitivities; get tested so you can figure out your triggers and learn to avoid them… and you won’t need the drugs (or the risks).

Statins: These cholesterol meds can be murderous for your kidneys, increasing the odds of chronic kidney disease by 36 percent and kidney failure by about 30 percent.

Even short-term statin use will boost the risk of acute kidney injury!

The easy solution here is to avoid the drugs; you don’t need them.

And even if you do have to cut LDL – which many people DON’T, by the way – lifestyle changes and natural therapies such as red yeast rice are far better options.