“Chemo brain” is REAL – despite what your doctor says (How to FIGHT BACK)

Your doctor may claim “chemo brain” – a side effect from chemotherapy -- doesn’t exist.

Well, maybe EVERY doc who pushes chemo on desperate cancer patients should get a round of it themselves… just once… so they stop ignoring the complaints of their patients.

Indeed, a new report confirms that “chemo brain” isn’t just REAL...

It’s actually one of the WORST side effects chemo has to offer.

And today, we aren’t going to ignore this condition – we’re going to FIGHT BACK.

This cancer “treatment” DESTROYS brain cells

Cancer patients often complain of brain fog, memory loss, cognitive problems and more. They can struggle with concentration and “space out” at times, and have difficulties with multitasking.

It’s called chemo brain, but most mainstream oncologists have BANNED the term.

They claim it’s NOT real and that even if something is wrong, it’s caused by the cancer – or stress and lost sleep over the diagnosis – and not the chemo itself.

But a new study proves them wrong once and for all...

It found that one of the most popular chemo drugs triggers REAL and LASTING damage in three types of critical brain cells.

It also discovered the “chemo brain” side effect can linger for months or even years after treatments stop.

That’s because the damage is deep in the brain’s essential “white matter,” home to all the neurons that ensure each part of the brain communicates with the others.

Indeed, a type of immune cell in the brain was found to be essentially crippled for six months.

How you can FIGHT BACK

There are three ways to DEFEAT chemo brain:

  • Start by making sure you absolutely need chemo before you get it. Many patients don’t; some tumors can be handled with minimal surgery such as early-stage breast cancers that can be taken care of with a lumpectomy alone.
  • If you do need chemo, consider intravenous vitamin C. It’s been shown to enhance the treatment – so you need less of it – and also limits side effects.
  • And finally, natural detox therapies can protect healthy cells from the damage of chemotherapy. Omega-3 fish oil, glutathione and citicoline arm those cells so they can better handle the stress of cancer care, including chemo.

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