Find out your risk for heart disease WITHOUT a doctor (This one-minute test reveals all!)

In the era of instant gratification, there’s a lot you can do in one minute.

You can record a TV show, read the news, and order dinner at the same time…

You can talk to several people at once through text messages…

Or call a driver to pick you up only moments later.

But there’s something else you can do with that minute that’s far more valuable.

There’s a simple test you take on your own -- and without any help from a doctor, it’ll tell you more than just about any lab test in the world.

This quick trick can do THREE things at once… and it can do it in UNDER A MINUTE:

  • Reveal your TRUE heart risk
  • Predict your chances of LIFE or DEATH
  • Kickstart a plan to REVERSE it

And when you follow up with the action plan I’ll give you today, you could truly stay one step ahead of death!

Try this one-minute test

All you’re going to need to take this test is a staircase that goes up at least four flights.

Whether it’s the local parking garage… a nearby school… an office or hotel… or perhaps even right where you live… ditch the elevator and hike up those steps.

See how far you can get in a minute (with caution, of course).

If you can make it up those four flights in a minute or less, congratulations. You’ve aced the test!

If it takes a little longer… well… you’ve got a little cause for concern (but don’t worry too much; I’ll help you chase that concern away in a moment).

A new study finds this stair test is the single BEST way to predict your risk of heart problems or death from heart problems if you have or are at risk coronary artery disease.

That’s when your arteries start to tighten up, restricting blood flow and leading to struggles delivering oxygen and nutrients all over your body, including your brain.

But more importantly, it can stop blood from reaching your heart, leading to a heart attack.

One sign of narrowing arteries is slower moving, especially slower walking, which is why the stair test is so effective.

Moving faster could be a sign of healthier arteries with stronger blood flow…

And indeed, the new report from the European Society of Cardiology finds making it in a minute or less will cut your risk of death from heart problems by an impressive 10 percent.

On the flipside, a slower move up the stairs could be a key sign that the arteries are closing up…

It could TRIPLE your risk of death from heart disease!

But you can turn that risk around with quick action -- and I don’t mean working out on a stair-climbing contraption.

Get to work on sweeping out your arteries!

Vitamin K can rush through and clear out the junk, helping to pop them open so you have:

  • Better circulation
  • More movement
  • Lower risks

Just speak to a doc first since it doesn’t mix well with warfarin.

And if your arteries are even tighter, speak to a holistic medical doctor about more intensive treatment options such as chelation.