You won’t find the BEST dementia “drug” at the pharmacy.

But you’ve got it right now—in your own bedroom!

In fact, it IS your bedroom

New research reveals what just might be your first… best… and maybe ONLY chance to turn dementia around.

And it all starts after your head hits the pillow, in a stage of sleep called “slow-wave”—aka “DEEP” sleep.

The DEEPER the sleep, the BETTER your brain

How deep is your sleep?

Most people don’t know!

Sure, you know if you didn’t get enough sleep…

But this is different. You could get a full night of shuteye, yet still fall short in your amount of slow-wave sleep.

See, good sleep isn’t just about the AMOUNT you get.

It’s not even how you FEEL when you wake up.

All of those things are important, of course, but the most critical factor of all takes place when you’re completely unaware, as your body cycles through its different phases.

Each one has its own role—and as the new study shows, slow-wave sleep is positively CRITICAL to your brain health.

The less you get, the higher your levels of TOXIC PROTEINS in the brain called tau and beta-amyloid, which can lead to cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study doesn’t show entirely WHY the risk is there, but it’s likely due to your brain’s natural detox process, which sweeps out toxins during slow-wave sleep.

If you miss out on deep sleep, that process gets cut short and you end up with more than just cobwebs upstairs. You suffer damage in the form of beta-amyloid proteins and tau.

Ready for some good news? This is all within your control!

3 ways to a DEEPER SLEEP

  • GABA: A 2016 study found 100mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid (as it’s more formally known) helped folks to fall asleep quicker and get more slow-wave sleep.
  • Fiber: Eating more fiber can trigger longer and better slow-wave sleep. Avoid grains – even whole grains – and get it from fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t drink at night: Booze can cause you to fall into slow-wave sleep quicker, but it also leads to more disruptions later and less deep sleep overall. If you must drink, do so only moderately… never daily… and earlier in the evening.