Not long ago, one of mainstream’s “miracle drugs” was hailed as a breakthrough.

It was a new way for 8.5 million Americans with gout to BEAT the pain and get BACK on their feet.

A decade later, and this drug has been EXPOSED for what it really is: a deadly mistake...

And if you’re among the many patients taking febuxostat (aka Uloric), there’s a new warning you need to see ASAP.

Look, I know you folks with gout just want...NEED...relief.

Gout brings so much pain… so much agony… that you might be willing to take the risks.

But I’m here today with another way...

You CAN beat gout – no drugs, no risks

That’s right. You never needed the drug in the first place, which should be the REAL relief!

After all, that FDA panel just admitted to THREE huge problems with febuxostat:

  • It ISN’T more effectivethan the older drug, allopurinol.
  • It IS more dangerous, increasing the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 34 percent.
  • It can ALSO increase your risk of deathfrom ALL CAUSES by 22 percent.

As a result, the panel is taking steps to get people off of it.

Of course, the best way to do that is to pull the drug completely...

So of course, the industry-friendly FDA panel isn’t gonna do that.

Nope. (Cowards!)

But they are moving to make it a “second-line treatment.” In other words, NO ONE should get it first. If another approach such as allopurinol fails – or if patients have some kind of reaction to the drug – THEN docs should consider febuxostat.

Yet for all of that effort… and for all of those risks… neither drug works very well.

In one study, 57 percent of patients taking febuxostat QUIT because they kept having gout flare-ups—despite taking a drug for it—or they had other problems and issues.

Think allopurinol is any better?

Think again: 56 percent of the folks on that one also quit!

If that’s not a sure sign of failure, I don’t know what is.

Rather than choose one bad med or another, here’s a better plan:

Choose something that really works instead!

2 ways to BEAT gout

  • Vitamin C: This nutrient flushes out excess uric acid, cutting the risk of attack by nearly HALF.
  • Cherry: Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients in cherries called anthocyanins can dissolve uric acid. As a result, tart cherry extract can cut the risk of a flare-up by more than a THIRD. Use a cherry extract supplement rather than a beverage to minimize sugar.

And don’t forget to limit food with purines, which lead to the formation of those painful crystals. That means passing on turkey, organ meats, gravy and some types of fish such as anchovies, sardines, and herring.