Your doctor will insist your battle with Lyme disease is OVER.

He’ll whip out your test results…

Show you the charts…

And practically wash his hands of you.

But if you’ve been cured, then why do you feel so darned lousy??

The truth is, FAR too many docs dismiss patients still suffering after Lyme as chronic complainers.

They’ll swear up and down that there’s “no such thing” as chronic Lyme even though you’re still battling:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog

Well, friend, you’re not crazy...

The latest research confirms what’s already OBVIOUS to tens of thousands of patients still suffering after Lyme...

It IS real; something IS wrong; and it’s NOT over!

How to beat Lyme disease FOR GOOD

The new study reveals that at least one in ten Lyme patients suffer long after they’ve been supposedly cured with mainstream therapies such as antibiotics.

In my experience, that number is even higher.

But what makes this one so groundbreaking is that it confirms — with hard scientific data — that something is still wrong deep inside the body, even after the Lyme itself is supposedly gone.

The study finds there is lingering inflammation in the brain, seemingly triggered by an immune system malfunction.

They found this problem in at least EIGHT different regions of the brain.

It’s as if the brain activates a switch to fight Lyme, but never quite finds the “off” button.

Even when the signs of the disease itself are gone, the brain keeps firing off these signals to trigger inflammation and other responses to fight it...

Which is exactly what leads to those chronic, lingering symptoms.

It’s good news that the mainstream is finally starting to recognize this issue.

But the bad news is the reason for it: Lyme is spreading like crazy. It’s been detected in all 50 states now, and there are new forms of ticks out spreading even more dangerous forms of infection (not to mention other diseases).

There’s no hiding from it anymore!

Just remember, if you’ve ever had Lyme—or if you have or have had a “mystery” ailment that docs have never been able to diagnose and treat — there IS hope and you CAN be cured.

Every case is different, but you will generally need a course of intravenous therapies along with a natural detox and an immune support regimen in the care of a holistic medical doctor.

And if you’re in the San Diego area, I offer complete Lyme testing and treatment here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

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