Docs will NEVER admit it… but they make mistakes.

A lot of them.

The truth is, most patients never realize how much guesswork is involved in mainstream medicine...

The patient has a symptom, the doctor lines it up with a drug.

If it works, great.

If not, it’s onto the next drug on the list.

This system is GREAT for drug sales. But it IGNORES the far more effective option – and that’s to find the root cause of the symptom and FIX IT.

And in many cases – with some of today’s most common symptoms – you can be completely CURED, often within days, with the help of simple vitamins.

That’s because many of those conditions treated with drugs are REALLY something else entirely!

Today, I’ll show you the most common of these 100 percent CORRECTABLE deficiencies.

With it, my hope is you’ll finally be able to get rid of a long-time health concern—and avoid becoming another misdiagnosed “mistake” from a mainstream doc!

How to fix the 4 most common vitamin deficiencies

FATIGUE: This is a biggie. Many people think they just need more sleep… or they’re just getting older… or they’re just plain worn out.

All of those things can be true, of course, but fatigue is often a sign of something else.

It could be an indication that you have low levels of certain nutrients, with or without anemia. The most common sources of this form of fatigue are low B12, folate, magnesium, vitamin C and iron.

Try a B complex and/or first; if those don’t do the trick, get tested for iron (just don’t take an iron supplement without that test and your doctor’s agreement that you need it).

WEAK MUSCLE: Many people are low in vitamin D and most don’t know it because it often has no symptoms. The symptoms that do strike are frequently written off as signs of aging… especially weak muscle (and its common partner, bone pain).

Boost your D, and consider increasing your calcium along with it. If your D levels are low enough to cause muscle and/or bone pain, you will likely need a higher dose of 5,000 IU per day or more. A doc can test your levels and help figure out how much you need.

ECZEMA: This condition of dry irritated skin is often treated with steroid creams that can thin and damage the skin with long term use.

Consuming omega 3 rich wild salmon or taking omega 3 fish oil or algae supplements can treat the real cause of many cases of eczema.

DEPRESSION: Mood disorders – including both depression and its cousin, anxiety – are often signs of common vitamin deficiencies, especially when they strike with no apparent reason.

The most common is B12, but it could also be a sign you need vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and/or magnesium, just to name a few. Boost your nutrition, and you can often lift your mood and avoid meds.