There’s a drug that’s in nearly every American home, probably even yours.

Millions take acetaminophen, with many turning to it every single day for quick relief of common pain conditions.

Your friends have taken it. Your family members have taken it. And you’ve almost certainly taken it yourself.

But if you have diabetes, this is one drug you want to kick right out of your home ASAP and turn to the safer options I’m about to share with you…

Because according to an ALARMING new study, taking this med just might be the LAST THING you ever do!

The SECRET RISK of a popular painkiller

They don’t tell you about it when you’re first diagnosed with diabetes.

But it becomes clear pretty quickly: The biggest challenge every day isn’t just in keeping your blood sugar levels down.

It’s in keeping your pain under control!

Living with diabetes often means living with an endless cycle of:

· Foot pain
· Leg pain
· Nerve pain (neuropathy)
· Headaches
· Even pain when you pee!

And that’s not even getting into all the normal aches and pains that come and go whether you have diabetes or not, from common back aches to minor injuries.

So it’s pretty common for folks with diabetes to hit the painkillers often.

But the NEW WARNING finds that taking acetaminophen when you have diabetes can lead directly to a stroke… and it’s not just a coincidental link…

The researchers behind the new study believe the drug can actually be a “triggering factor!”

The result?

This drug can TRIPLE your risk of a stroke!

The OLDER you are, the BIGGER the risk – so if you’re a senior with diabetes, you could be putting your life on the line every time you swallow one of those pain pills.

Clearly, it’s time to find a new way to handle that pain.

1. First, for quick relief, stick to proven non-drug options such as CBD oil and topical MSM. In addition, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl-L-carnitine and B12 can help protect nerves from the damage of neuropathy.

2. And second, tackle the CAUSE of all that pain head on: Fight the diabetes itself. After all, much of that pain is caused by the damage of high blood sugar on your cells, especially nerve cells.

I’ve developed a groundbreaking protocol that turns diabetes around by attacking the cause of the disease – and it’s NOT what you think.

It’s not just your diet… but rather the toxins all around you, proven to cause the disease and then lead to worsening symptoms as it takes its toll on your body.

Eliminate those toxins, and you can reverse nearly EVERY MAJOR SYMPTOM of diabetes – and you can do it in as little as a month!

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