Your doctor won’t admit it – but he KNOWS it’s true.

He KNOWS that the very same drugs he’s pushing on you for cholesterol probably WON’T work very well by any definition you care about.

And now, new research confirms another startling truth...

They won’t work by any definition HE cares about, either!

These drugs:

  • DON’T cut your cholesterol as much as promised;
  • WON’T cut your risks as much as you hoped; and
  • CAN’T truly prevent a heart attack or strike.

But they WILL lead to side effects so severe you’ll want to quit!

The new study takes everything they’ve been telling you about cholesterol and turns it upside down.

Just don’t expect mainstream doctors to admit it yet. They’re so committed to the drugs that they can’t even see what their own study is telling them!

The TRUTH about cholesterol meds – and why they DON’T work

The mainstream claims a statin “works” when it cuts LDL cholesterol by at least 40 percent (and ideally more).

But the new study finds statin drugs don’t actually meet their own goals in the average patient…

Over TWO FULL YEARS, less than half of the patients in the study hit that target.

The rest… more than 50 percent… fell short (in some cases far short).

When a drug doesn’t meet its own goal, you’re supposed to toss it, right?


That’s not what they’re doing. They’re doubling down – and urging docs to prescribe higher and higher doses instead.

Friends, that’s just madness.

Higher doses don’t always lead to better results, but they certainly WILL increase your risk of side effects.

And when it comes to statins, side effects can be a doozy

There are immediate and short-term problems such as agonizing muscle pain and the haze of “brain fog” and memory loss, as well as long-term risks including liver and kidney damage.

The drugs can even cause diabetes, especially at higher doses.

Yet they want you to take them – at those dangerous higher doses – based on their own flawed study, which finds that when the drugs do work they cut the risk of heart disease by about 14 percent.

That’s not NOTHING, but that’s not exactly impressive, either, given all of the risks.

Here’s a better idea: Let’s admit the drugs are failing and move on to something that WORKS.

We don’t have to start all over, because we already have a safe and proven answer.

The key reason cholesterol leads to heart risk isn’t the LDL itself, but when the cholesterol particles are damaged by oxidation and start to “stick” in the arteries as a result.

Astaxanthin is one nature’s most powerful antioxidants. It can stop that process cold and help ensure the LDL particles pass through your arteries undamaged.

You can find it on its own, but for best results look for it at the heart of an all-natural cholesterol support formula from a maker you trust.