A failing heart’s not like a failing grade.

It’s more like the failing engine… on a jumbo jet… while it’s in flight and carrying the most important passenger you can think of.


You can’t un-fail a heart. It’s struggling for every beat – which is why it’s critical to stop this condition BEFORE it strikes.

And new research now reveals the best way to do exactly that, cutting your risk nearly in half.

It works even if you’re a little older

Even if you’re already at risk

And even if you’re worried that you might be just one little step away from your own heart failure.

But you can STOP IT with a single, common-sense step– and it’s something I’d urge you to try anyway even if you DON’T think you’re at risk…

Because this one change could PROTECT your heart and SAVE your life!

Stop the failure and protect what matters most

The trick is in something called “DASH”…

It stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and when the word “diet” pops up I know you want to roll your eyes. (That’s what I want to do whenever I hear the word, too.)

But trust me… it’s NOT like that…

This isn’t a diet where you have to carefully count calories or measure portions. You’re not forking back frozen meals or attending meetings.

And even though it was created to help protect the heart and cut blood pressure, you DON’T have to track your salt intake.

That alone is enough reason to give it a shot!

But once you follow this diet, something else happens; something even more important than lower BP.

It’s as if the power comes back on in your heart and the risk of failure will PLUNGE…

In older folks under the age of 75, this diet cuts the risk of heart failure by 40 percent.

OK, so what’s the catch?

There really isn’tone.

I’ve shared with you the convenience and ease of the Mediterranean diet. This is pretty much a modified version of exactly that: limit red meat, get healthy fats from fish, eat more produce and avoid processed foods.

The “tweaks” that turn it from the Mediterranean diet into DASH involve eliminating alcohol and restricting dairy, which are two modifications I already recommend in most cases.

Along with cutting the risk of heart failure, these same dietary changes can protect against other common heart conditions as well as stroke, and may even help ward off everything from bone breaks to dementia, too.