You’ve survived your cancer… but it’s not the victory you were hoping for.

Sure, it felt great to hear the news.

The cancer is gone and you’re officially disease-free.

But you don’t FEEL it.

In some ways, you could feel worse than ever as the toll of the disease and the side effects of treatment combine to leave you absolutely WRECKED.

And here’s the thing…

It doesn’t always get better.

Not unless you take my advice to ensure your body has what it needs to FIGHT BACK against the toxic tollof both the cancer and mainstream treatments including chemo, radiation and surgery.

The LONG-TERM damage of cancer treatment

New research finds that one out of three cancer survivors end up with something that in many ways is every bit as bad as the disease.

They battle lifelong chronic pain.

And in one in six of all cancer survivors, the pain is so bad that it limits activity and interferes with daily life.

In both of those cases, the numbers are DOUBLE what we see in folks who’ve never had cancer, which means this isn’t just coincidence…

It’s a lifelong “leftover” from cancer and cancer treatment, and it can do so much more than make you miserable.

The study finds it’s also expensive as you need more care for your pain (and that includes more out-of-pocket costs).

And, more importantly, that pain will also lead to a lower quality of life

The kind that can stop you from working and keep you from the things you love… and suck the joy out of everything even if you are able to do them.

The best ways to cut your own risks will depend on both your cancer and your treatment, but many patients will benefit from two steps:

  • Intravenous vitamin C: This natural therapy can work on its own to fight off cancer and limit the toxic side effects of treatment. It can also enhance common mainstream therapies such as chemo, so you could need lower doses for shorter periods, which will help limit the risk of long-term damage and lingering pain.
  • Detox: This basic step can help fight off the short-term fatigue and pain as well as cutting long-term risks, but the best form of detoxification will depend on both your cancer and the treatments you’re facing.

Green tea, astragalus andginsengcan all help in many cases, but speak to a doctor first – ideally a holistic medical doctor experienced in integrative cancer care who can tailor a detox planto your specific needs.

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