Gooseberry? Sounds like something out of a children’s book!

But this strange little berry with the funny-sounding name is actually hiding an INCREDIBLE secret…

One of the compounds locked deep inside every little berry can wipe out some of the BIGGEST risks facing older Americans!

And now, new research confirms some of the biggest benefits of all, revealing how it can:

  • ENHANCE blood flow
  • STRENGTHEN arteries
  • POWER UP your immune system
  • SLASH cholesterol
  • WIPE OUT inflammation

…all at once!

And even more importantly… it can do the job with ZERO serious adverse events!

How this funny-sounding berry could save your life

The new study tested an extract from this berry called amla.

Yeah, from one funny name to another!

But there’s nothing funny about the results, as you can see in this study of folks with metabolic syndrome.

That’s a collection of risk factors such obesity and high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

It often leads to diabetes and heart disease.

And sadly, it’s a major risk factor for an early death.

But amla can turn it around…

Within just 12 weeks, folks with metabolic syndrome given amla supplements REMARKABLE changes.

First, and maybe most importantly, it improved the function of the endothelial layer.

That’s the lining in the blood vessels that helps push blood along to keep circulation moving and to stop the flow from getting slow and sluggish.

As you get older… and as you suffer the damage of metabolic syndrome… that lining starts to wear out, and your blood starts to move more like mud.

Amla helped REVERSE that damage to ensure healthy circulation.

The benefits didn’t stop there…

Amla also helped gently bring cholesterol levels back into balance, cutting:

  • Total cholesterol by 11 percent
  • LDL cholesterol by 21 percent
  • Triglycerides by 19 percent

…and it RAISED levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol by 7 percent!

But while mainstream doctors might obsess over cholesterol, there’s another marker that’s even more important: Inflammation.

In many ways, this is the single biggest risk factor for serious heart problems – and yet amla was able to turn it around…

The supplements slashed levels of hsCRP, a marker of inflammation, by 40 percent at lower doses and 54 percent at a higher dose.

You can find amla, or gooseberry, on its own… but for the BEST results, look for it at the heart of a circulation-boosting, artery-enhancing formula with other all-natural superstars such as omega-7.