They want you to think NEWER is always BETTER.

They want you to treat your meds like an iPhone, and rush out for an upgrade whenever a new version is released.

But don’t fall for that marketing hype, my friend...

Because new research exposes the SHOCKING TRUTH about new meds. It’s something you may have suspected if you’ve ever switched to a new med and felt… well… not very different at all.

Turns out it’s not just you.

The new study finds the vast majority of the new meds rushed to market in recent years…


That’s right; when it comes down to it, you and your doctor are both being SCAMMED by a system designed to help drug makers sell expensive new merchandise.

The world’s hottest new drugs FLUNK major study

It’s not just one drug or a handful of drugs.

And the problem isn’t just a med in a single category or two.

The new analysis finds that across the board… across nearly all diseases and conditions… the majority of new drugs offer NO measurable benefit in any form.

What makes this so outrageous is that these meds are given to frightened patients battling potentially deadly conditions.

They need – they DESERVE– better, safer and effective treatments to help them survive.


They’re getting conned.

The new study was done in Germany on meds approved in Europe between 2011 and 2017...many of which were approved here in the United States in and around that time.

For 58 percent of those meds, there’s NO EVIDENCE they’re any better than the old drugs already on the market.

And for 16 percent, the benefit is very minor or can’t even be quantified.

That’s nearly three-quarters of ALL NEW DRUGS… practically worthless!

Breaking it down by category:

  • CANCER: Pretty much NONE of the new cancer drugs have any “clinically meaningful benefit on patient outcomes.” Even after several years on the market, that proof STILL never materialized and most post-marketing studies were never even completed.
  • DIABETES: Just17 percent of new diabetes drugs have evidence of being better than the older ones. That’s it.
  • PSYCHIATRY/NEUROLOGY: Of the 18 new drugs approved, just one – ONE!– had any additional benefit.

I know the ads can be pretty slick, from glossy magazine pages to TV commercials with catchy slogans and celebrity endorsements.

But don’t rush into a new drug or treatment based on marketing, or just because it’s new.

Ask for the evidence. And if it’s not there… if you don’t like what you see… then stick to tried-and-true options, including proven drug-free natural therapies from a skilled holistic medical doctor for all of these conditions and more.