How sleepless nights could trigger frightening damage

Just another night of missed sleep… another bleary-eyed morning… and another pot of coffee to get you through it.

Well, friend, that caffeine might help you power through your morning.

But it can’t fix something else.

Your sleepless nights can do something far worse than make you feel run down, worn out and just plain sapped of all your energy.

They could cause DEADLY damage, deep inside your body.

And if you’ve been missing out on sleep… night after night… then consider this your wakeup call.

It’s time to take action and solve the hidden cause of your own sleep problem...

Because if you don’t act soon, your LIFE could be on the line!

Revealed: the TRUE risk of sleep loss

It’s not just a bedtime story: Your cells take a beating when you don’t sleep.

Your body has a natural process to repair and restore itself, but a key part of it takes place during your downtime.

When you’re up when you SHOULD be down, that rejuvenation never happens.

And, ever so slowly, damage to your cells becomes damage to your organs, your arteries, your brain and beyond.

In the new study, folks with the gene that often signifies a predisposition to insomnia had a higher risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke

The risk is especially high for what’s called a “large artery stroke”—and if that sounds ominous, you’re right.

Think of a big tree; the large arteries are the main branches that come off the trunk, with smaller branches coming off each of those.

When you cut off a larch branch you’re not only cutting off the branch itself, but the smaller ones that emerge from it.

It’s like that in your brain, too. A stroke in a smaller blood vessel can cause less damage because it delivers blood to a much smaller part of the brain.

But when it’s a large artery, all bets are off.

The large arteries deliver blood to larger parts of the brain. They also feed those smaller arteries that branch off from it.

That means in a large artery stroke, blood flow is cut off from ALL of that… impacting much larger parts of the brain.

Those are the strokes that do the most damage and have the highest potential to leave behind both cognitive decline and physical disability.

And it could all begin from the damage of sleepless nights!

If you’ve been suffering from sleepless nights… or, worse yet, if they happen so frequently you now consider them to be “normal” for you… it’s time to take action…

Ironic, considering what you need is the OPPOSITE of action.

You need complete inaction as your body rests, recovers, repairs and rejuvenates.

And you can get it, too.

One of the fastest, safest and most effective ways to get a full night of sleep tonight and every night is melatonin.

It’s called the “sleep hormone” because your body makes it at night, as a means of signaling bedtime.

But as you get older, your body gets much less efficient at making it.

That means you need a melatonin pick-me-up in order to settle yourself down.

It’s easily found as capsules and such, but for the fastest and most effective results look for a form that dissolves in your mouth. That allows it to go directly into the bloodstream so it kicks in right away, and you can fall asleep within minutes.