What a ‘fun size’ candy can REALLY do to you

At some point in the past few weeks, just about every store in the country transformed into a candy store.

Even the pharmacy is loaded with super-sized bags containing hundreds of little pieces of “fun size” candy!

Something tells me it’s not all for trick-or-treaters.

Plenty of adults like to cheat this time of year. They’re just tiny packs of candy – and they can’t hurt THAT much, can they?

All I can say is… put down the peanut butter cups, and step away from the M&Ms.

Because it turns out even a LITTLE sugar can hurt a WHOLE LOT more than you might think!

The TRUE TOLL of even small amounts of sugar

All things in moderation, right?


Sugar is food for some of the shadiest characters around—and I don’t mean the little ghosts and goblins knocking on your door next month.

It can feed a few things you’d much rather starve:

  • Sugar FEEDS cancer: Yeah, cancer. Yikes. Many types of tumors are fueled by sugar. When you eat candy… even a “fun size” treat… tumors get exactly what they need to grow and thrive. People who eat more sugar tend to not only have a higher risk of cancer, but a higher risk of more advanced cancers. Sugar also leads to weight gain, and obesity itself has been linked to more than a dozen types of cancer.
  • Sugar FEEDS bacteria: You know all about the little germs in your gut. They help with everything from digestion to mood to immune system function. Sugar, however, helps to feed the wrong bacteria. It can help the BAD germs in your gut – the ones trying to make you sick – so they can overwhelm the good bacteria and take over.
  • Sugar FEEDS inflammation: You’ve heard of an inflammation-fighting diet by now. It’s a key to healthy aging, since keeping inflammation in check can help fight everything from pain to chronic disease to death. Eating sugar is the exact opposite of an inflammation-fighting diet. It’s an inflammation-causing diet – and one that could lead to major and potentially deadly chronic health problems.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have sugar, ever, in any form…

It’s the ADDED sugars that are important need to avoid. Natural sugars in moderation – like from a piece of fruit or a bowl of berries – can and SHOULD stay on the menu.

Sure, the trick-or-treaters might run if you pull out an apple. That’s fine… keep it for yourself and satisfy your own sweet tooth in the most natural way possible.