GAME-CHANGER: Mainstream finally recognizes this non-drug pain-beater!

Here it is, friend: the long-overdue game-changer for the 30 million Americans suffering from osteoarthritis.

And it could replace EVERYTHING you hate about the “pain management” approach that has failed so many…for so long.

For years, the establishment has pushed painkillers as the “main” way to cope with the agony of knees falling apart from the inside.

They’ll start you on over-the-counter meds, then work you up to prescription painkillers.

When those stop working – as they will, eventually – it’s onto surgery. Of course, that comes with plenty of pain of its own, often followed by disappointing results when it’s all done.

But now, millions of Americans have found ANOTHER way.

And the medical mainstream is FINALLY ready to give it the recognition it deserves!

CBD goes mainstream for arthritis pain

The mainstream is finally ready to admit what so many arthritis patients have discovered on their own:

CBD works for knee pain.

It’s not just arthritis—and not just knees, by the way.

Whether it’s sore muscles or crumbling joints... back or neck pain… or any of dozens of other pain conditions… CBD is often an excellent way of easing the aches with minimal risk of side effects.

But let’s focus on those knees today as the Arthritis Foundation has just released guidelines for CBD — the first set of CBD guidelines from any major mainstream patient advocacy group.

Naturally, they don’t go far enough; this is the mainstream, after all.

They urge people to keep taking their current meds, despite the known problems, risks and side effects.

But it’s a start, with some common-sense advice: Try a low-dose first, then track your symptoms over time to see if you feel a difference.

Most people will.

One survey in 2017 found 80 percent of people who tried CBD for pain, sleep, anxiety and more rated it “extremely effective,” with more than 40 percent saying it worked so well they were able to QUIT their meds.

The biggest issue with CBD right now isn’t effectiveness.


CBD has become a buzzword, with this stuff being added to everything from coffee to jelly beans.

And a lot of that stuff is just plain garbage.

Some don’t contain what’s advertised on the label. Some have low levels of low-quality CBD. And some contain forms that can’t easily be absorbed and put to use.

Look for a hemp-derived CBD purified to remove THC from a maker you know and trust, not something from a discount retailer (and avoid gimmicks like those jelly beans).

Common doses range from 20 mg to 50 mg. Your doctor can help you decide how much you need, and the best way to get it.