Stop aging in the brain with THIS nighttime trick

No one will ever mistake my clinic for a time machine.

In fact, it looks pretty much like any other clinic you’ve seen.

But ask around town here in Great Barrington, and you’ll meet more than a few “time travelers” who’ll swear it is.

They’ve come in my door feeling as if they’re aging on fast-forward, suffering from cognitive struggles and even decline.

And they’ve walked back out feeling years… even DECADES… younger, with a quicker, sharper mind and more energy to match.

Now, the latest research backs on the first and most basic steps I share with my own patients for this very unique and highly effective form of “time travel.”

And you don’t need to come see me to get in on this yourself…

You already have a “time machine” sitting in your own home!

How to STOP THE CLOCK and protect your brain

You might think the biggest weapon in the fight against cognitive decline and the other struggles of aging would come from a pill bottle.

The drug industry would LOVE for you to believe that, too.

But nothing in a pill can match what’s already IN your body!

Specifically, what’s already in your brain: a very special set of immune cells called microglia that look for… and repair… two things:

  • Signs of infection
  • Damage from toxins and oxidation

It’s that second one we’re going to focus on today – because that’s how the clock gets sped up. Toxins and oxidation age your cells… and the more exposure you get, the “faster” your brain will age.

That’s where the microglia step in. They spot the damage, make repairs and sweep out garbage cells.

When they’re working well, you’ll stay sharp no matter how old you get, answering every “Jeopardy” question before anyone on TV hits the buzzer.

But when the microglia slow down… well… so do you. You can’t answer those “Jeopardy” questions in time.

You may not even be able to answer if someone asks what you had for breakfast!

The big question then – the one worth more than all the “Jeopardy” prizes combined – is in how to keep those microglia ACTIVE.

And all you have to do is step into your time machine...

Or rather, you lie down in it, because the “machine” is your own bed as the study shows how sleep has a DIRECT EFFECT on microglia.

Microglia work in response to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, according to the study on mice.

Norepinephrine levels naturally tail off as you go to sleep, which the microglia use as their cue to switch on and start their maintenance work on the connections inside your brain.

The longer you snooze, the more time they have to get the job done.

When you wake up, however, norepinephrine levels jump – which sends the microglia into their own deep sleep.

In other words, if you cut your sleep short, they don’t finish the job. And that’s how your brain SUFFERS the TOLL of toxins and oxidative stress.

And it’s how your brain gets OLD in a hurry!

So make sure you get a solid 7-8 hours in your “time machine” every night and let those microglia get to work keeping you young.

If you struggle to knock off, try an herbal blend of valerian, chamomile, passionflower and other proven sleep-enhancers.

You can find this combo in a supplement easily enough, but the most pleasant way to get them is via Sleepytime Extra tea, available for just a few bucks in any supermarket.

Give it a month to shift your sleep into the 7-8 hour “brain repair zone.”