Crazy diet tweak could CURE the flu!

Some of my friends think I’m just plain lucky.

After all, I’m exposed to the flu all the time – comes with the turf! – yet I haven’t been sick in about a dozen years.

Others… including me… believe it’s my all-natural, immune-boosting, flu-beating protocol – and I’ll give you the scoop on that in a moment (and you won’t even have to come to my clinic to get it).

But the latest research reveals it could be something a whole lot more than luck or immune power at work.

It could be one key piece of that protocol – a factor not many people have suspected when it comes to fighting off flu:

My diet!

How to eat away the flu this winter

My diet’s not for everyone. In fact, most people CAN’T follow it for an extended period.

But there’s one time you want to follow my “paleo” lifestyle, and that’s when you feel the makings of a flu coming on.

The new study on mice shows cutting out the carbs can have an incredible and immediate effect on the cells lining the airways into your lungs.

Those are the front lines of the war against respiratory infections including the flu.

In tests on the animals, switching to a paleo diet stimulated those airways into mass-producing gamma delta T cells, immune system cells that doctors never before believed could fight the flu.

But they did the job in this case.

After going paleo, the gamma delta T cells came marching out of the lining inside the lungs, activating the quick release of mucus.

It was like a tar pit for the virus, trapping it in place. Then, those germs were forced out via the respiratory tract’s terrific (if gross) ejection system.

Y’know… snot.

This ONLY happened when the mice were given a paleo – or “keto” – diet, and NOT when they were put on a more typical high-carb diet.

The paleo mice also had a much higher survival rate after a flu infection than mice on a high-carb diet.

The new study helps explain one key step in my own flu-fighting protocol: restrict sugars.

And not just when you’re getting sick, but all year long as sugars weaken the immune system and leave you exposed to infection and illness.

However, why stop there?

For a better shot at a flu-free winter, reduce stress and increase sleep, both of which will help keep your immune system armed and ready for battle.

And for the final piece, get plenty of immune-boosting vitamins especially A and D.

If at any point in the season I start to feel lousy, I bump both up to at least 10,000 IU a day and whatever it is usually goes away in a hurry.