The MOST DANGEROUS part of your cancer

They’ll tell you it’s a fight with cancer – a fight for your life – and that it’s all about wiping out that tumor.

You GOTTA trust us on this, they’ll insist.

You NEED body-wrecking chemo… you MUST put up with sickening radiation… and you HAVE TO take toxic drugs, some of which can even cause new cancers to form.

Well, guess what?

They’re WRONG!

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight cancer with all you’ve got.

Of course you should.

But new numbers show how the REAL killer of cancer patients ISN’T the disease itself – because most folks who have it die of something else.

And this TRUE cause of death is something they don’t want to talk about.

Because in too many cases, the REAL KILLER is the very treatment that was supposed to save your life…

The TRUE toll of cancer ‘treatment’

For a disease as deadly as cancer is supposed to be, you’d think that most people who have it would die from it.

But they don’t.

More than 60 percent die of something else, according to the new study.

The biggest single cause of death – after the cancer itself – is heart disease, which kills more than 10 percent of all cancer patients.

In fact, the moment you’re treated for cancer, your risk of death from heart disease jumps by several times, especially in your first year of treatment.

The biggest risk is in folks with cancers of the:

  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Bladder
  • Larynx
  • Uterus
  • Bowel

The new study claims they can’t tell if the reason for the risk is the cancer… the treatment… or some other factor such a lifestyle.


This isn’t a mystery. OF COURSE it’s the treatments, which cause oxidative stress and destroy healthy cells – including heart cells – along with cancer cells.

A 2012 study from Harvard, for example, found that chemo can:

  • WEAKEN heart muscle
  • BLOCK new blood vessel formation
  • TRIGGER heart attack
  • RAISE blood pressure
  • INCREASE the risk of blood clots and heart failure

And that same report confirms that radiation therapy for cancer can speed up coronary artery disease, stiffen up heart muscle, damage heart valves and more. It can even lead to a special form of heart failure called radiation-induced heart failure.

I won’t say you’ll never need those treatments.

That’s for you and your doc to decide.

But I will say this: You have more choices than the mainstream “experts” let on.

For example, you can wipe out some types of cancer cells with a strict keto diet; this works because the cancer can no longer burn off sugar for energy – causing those cells to essentially starve to death.

And intravenous vitamin C can fight cancer in two ways:

  • Directly, by attacking the cancer and killing the tumor cells; and
  • Indirectly, by limiting the toxic damage of mainstream treatments such as chemo.

Your cancer doc may not be interested in talking about ANY of this, so get a naturopathic doc on your team to help you figure out how to make sure the fight to kill cancer doesn’t kill YOU instead.