Stop the LEAK in your brain to END the drain!

You know you’re not thinking right – but you also can’t quite explain what’s wrong, either.

You’re slower… more absent-minded… and feeling like you’ve got a whole bunch of fog in there that just won’t clear out.

Now, most folks think that’s just part of the whole aging game.

And unless you’re in decline or suffering from dementia, your doctor will probably tell you as much.

But all your memory struggles… and maybe even dementia itself… could have another cause.

It’s a LEAK where you least expect it.

Today, I’m going to share with you my REPAIR KIT for plugging up that “leaky brain” to STOP the drain and RESTORE your memory.

Restore your memory and boost cognition with this quick fix

There’s a lot to love about living out here in the Berkshires in winter.

There’s NOTHING as good for the body and spirit as a walk through the hills after a fresh coat of snow on a chilly night, with only a sliver of moon to light your way.

But I’m not going to lie: Living out here in winter means a LOT of work, too.

It’s a constant battle to keep the SNOW and RAIN out of your home… and the HEAT trapped inside.

And that means we’re always checking for leaks.

Your brain’s the same way…

You could have leaks up there – breaks in the seal that could let the good stuff out, and toxic junk to slip inside.

These leaks in the all-important blood-brain barrier can, over time, lead to memory loss, cognitive decline and a whole lot more.

But a new study on mice suggests that damage ISN’T permanent.

If you can PATCH UP those leaks – and I’ll share my repair kit in a moment – you can refresh, restore and rejuvenate your brain.

In essence, you can make it YOUNGER again!

In experiments on mice, plugging up those leaks in the blood-brain barrier led to:

  • LESS inflammation in the brain; and
  • GREATER ability to learn new tasks

They were so good at learning, in fact, they were able to MATCH much younger mice!

Yes, in a very real way, fixing these leaks reversed aging in the brain.

And it’s entirely possible that the same could happen for you.

Researchers in the new study used a drug on the mice, but there’s another option here – a natural way to fix those leaks and rejuvenate your own brain.

Just start with a B complex.

In a study of seniors, this blend of B6, B12, and folate helped improve function of the blood-brain barrier and slowed the progression of mild cognitive impairment.

And curcumin, a compound found in the spice turmeric, has been shown in tests on rats to restore the “tight junction proteins” that make up the most important part of your blood-brain barrier.

That helps explain why this same compound has been shown in humans to help protect memory and overall brain function.