Just one quickie procedure… snip-snip, in and out… and all your problems will be solved.

Except it’s never that simple, right?

That’s especially true if you’re a little older and not in the best of health.

And if you’re suffering from any degree of frailty, even a so-called “low-risk” procedure to fix a “minor problem” or condition could pack the biggest risk of all…

It could KILL you!

The toll of the operation can take a LOT out of your body – and you just might not have enough left in the tank to deal with it.

As a result, the new study finds there’s simply no such thing as a “low-risk” operation for frail seniors…

They’re ALL high-risk!

And that means it could be time to reconsider ANY operation they’re pushing you into --before it’s too late.

They profit off your misery – and put your life on the line

There’s an entire industry out there ready to cash in on your problems.


Some shrink is ready to bill your insurer $100 a visit.

Sore back?

The radiologist will see you now… and that’ll be $400 from your insurer please, plus your copay… even though imaging scans almost NEVER reveal the true cause of back pain.

And for dozens of other every day common issues and conditions, there’s a surgeon standing by, ready to operate.

But don’t sign that waiver yet, especially if you gave any degree of frailty...

The new study finds BIG risks in these “little” procedures, including common stuff like a hernia… a joint replacement… or removing a cyst from a place like the hand.

These aren’t typically considered “high-risk,” which by definition is any operation with a 1 percent chance of death or higher.

Except they ARE high-risk… in some cases VERY high-risk… if you’re frail.

The study finds EVERY stage of frailty packs major risks; within three months of a low-risk procedure, 5 percent of folks who are even a little frail are dead.

That’s FIVE TIMES the definition of “high risk!”

That number jumps to 9 percent at six months.

And for the very frail, 1 in 10 are dead within 30 days of a supposedly low-risk procedure…23 percent are dead by three months… and more than a third are dead within six months.

None of this means you need to live in misery with an ongoing condition.

But it DOES mean you should think twice about surgery as a solution!

Before you sign up for ANY procedure… whether you’re frail or not… get a second opinion.

I strongly recommend consulting with a doctor who specializes in integrative or functional medicine who can help find the least invasive option, including non-surgical treatments, for common problems and conditions.

If it turns out you do need a procedure… even a “simple” or “low-risk” one… get screened for frailty and work ahead of time on a pre-hab plan to get you ready for the operation; then, a rehab program to get you back on your feet afterward.